Friday Favorites – 10/20/17

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Happy, happy Fri-YAY!  How are you today? How was your week? My week has been good, but busy busy with work and kiddo stuff.  We have lots of stuff planned this weekend, but I am hoping to get a little relax time in as well.

In usual Friday fashion, I wanted to share some favorites from the week.  I always love hearing about your favorites as well, so please play along in the comments!

I received this TreStique Lip Crayon in a recent FabFitFun box and just started to use it.  It feels nice and hydrating (I find a lot of lipsticks to be drying), and has a magnetic lid, so it won’t open up and get all over your purse.  I also love this color, it is a nice touch of color that goes with everything.


I also loved my Love with Food box that I received this week.  I bought a 3-month subscription and this is my second box.  I love getting fun mail, and so far each box has been full of tasty snacks that the babies and I have enjoyed.


This week I also finally made it to Revolve, which is a local spin studio.  It felt like a spin class in the club, with lights and bumping music.   There was also an arm workout portion with weights. I loved it and will definitely be back.  If you are local and thinking about checking it out, I would suggest going early and asking for help getting set up (if needed).  There are plenty of cues during class, but there was not a lot of assistance with set up prior.  These also had some pretty cute merchandise.

Around the web, there has been so much good stuff this week.

I loved Brittany’s post about raising kind children.

Sarah’s post about challenging eating routines also really spoke to me.

These DIY silhouettes are gorgeous and I think I just might be able to handle this amount of crafting.

I am also super ready to get my chocolate on with this pumpkin fudge recipe from Julie and this chocolate bark recipe from Bethany.

Amanda’s Fall bucket list reminded me to keep checking back in on mine and make sure I am working through it.  Also, I really want to go hiking after reading her post, hopefully soon.

What are you loving this week?  Any big weekend plans?  Hope you have a great weekend!  I will see ya Monday!




Green Chile Cauliflower Frittata

Hello, hello, how are you today?  How was your Wednesday?  It was quite the day over here!  I woke up in a bit of a groggy funk and was stressed about what the babies should wear for pictures, which I probably should have planned prior, but oh well.

Fortunately, my class regulars cheered me right up.  I know I have mentioned it before, but they are just the best group and I can’t help but be in a good mood around them.
After class, I headed into a super busy work day but got to finally unwind and enjoy the evening, which involved plenty of fun kiddo time and finally getting to check out that spin studio I had been eyeballing.

Today I wanted to share a frittata recipe that I made over the weekend.  It has a nice amount of heat from the green chiles and gets some bulk and nutrition from the addition of riced cauliflower.  Bonus, it is easy to make and reheats well, so perfect to make over the weekend and enjoy for breakfasts during the week.

Green Chile Cauliflower Frittata

Makes about 6 servings


  • 1 cup riced cauliflower (about half a bag if using frozen)
  • 2 roasted green chiles, diced and seeds removed OR one small can green chiles
  • 6 eggs
  • 1/3 cup milk (your preferred milk, I used cow’s milk, unsweetened/unflavored almond milk also works)
  • 1/3 cup shredded cheese (cheddar, Colby or Monterey Jack all work great, I used a Mexican blend)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 teaspoon Cajun seasoning (optional)

Directions: Preheat oven to 375.  Lightly spray pie pan with cooking spray.  Pour in riced cauliflower and break up clumps (if using frozen).  Sprinkle green chiles on top.


In a separate bowl, beat eggs with milk, season with salt, pepper and Cajun seasoning (if using).  Fold in cheese.  Pour mixture over cauliflower and green chile.  Gently shift/stir to make sure egg mixture completely covers.


Place and bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes, until center is set and edges are starting to brown.


Hope you like it!

Tell me about your week so, has it been busy or calmer?  Is it flying or crawling by?  What is one of your favorite make-ahead breakfasts?  While I love overnight oats, I feel like eggs keep me full longer, so I make a lot of frittatas to eat during the week.

Hope you have a great day!


WIAW + a peek at my weekly workouts

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Happy hump day friends! Hope you are having a great day.  This week has just been flying by for me.  The babies have picture day this week, and it has been so busy I almost forgot, thank goodness for my planner and reminders from their teachers.

Today I am sharing a day in eats (this was Monday), and since I always love seeing what kind of workouts people do, I thought I would share my workouts from last week.  I included teaching class, but I consider this more like half a workout.  I definitely get a lot of movement in during class and demonstrate or lead exercises, but I use lighter weights than I would for my own strength workouts.  Also, I spend a good chunk of time walking around and providing alternate moves, so I’m definitely not doing as much as my participants are.  So days like Saturday, were I only taught my class, I would consider an active rest day.

First up, eats:

The morning started with coffee, as well as water with lemon juice, lime juice, chia seeds and stevia.  I have been drinking this for years and think I got it from Oh She Glows.  I love it, but I definitely get some strange looks when drinking it at the gym.

After class, I had a piece of green chile cauliflower frittata (recipe tomorrow) with bacon and clementines.  It was a satisfying breakfast that kept me full all morning.

Lunch was a salad with more leftover bacon and chicken, with a square of dark chocolate on the side and a tangerine La Croix.  Speaking of La Croix, I have not been able to find the mango one recently.  I think it may have been seasonal and wish I had stocked up.  Has anyone seen it anywhere recently?

I was feeling a bit peckish in the afternoon, so I had a Blueberry RX Bar (favorite flavor) and an apple.

Dinner was bean and squash tostadas.
Followed by a couple handfuls of candy corn and peanuts for dessert.  I just love that sweet/salty combo!

Now onto workouts from last week, I would say this is a fairly typical week for me.

Monday: Teach class + 1-mile walk

Tuesday: Orangetheory

Wednesday: Teach class + 40-minute elliptical

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Teach class + 30-minute elliptical

Saturday: Teach class

Sunday: Orangetheory + 15 minutes restorative yoga at home

Now that I have shared my recent eats and workouts, tell me what you have been up to.  What meals or workouts have you been enjoying recently?  How many days a week do you typically workout?

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Easy peasy crockpot applesauce

Hey guys, how’s your week starting out? I hope your Monday was a good one.  I felt like the day went by pretty fast, and I ended the day with a late yoga class at one of my favorite spots, which was an awesome way to unwind.

Today I wanted to share my go-to applesauce recipe with you guys.  Making applesauce was one of my Fall bucket list things to do, and there is something just so cozy and comforting about homemade applesauce.  When we went apple picking I made sure to get enough to make applesauce.  This recipe makes about 3 cups, I already wish I had doubled it, it has been such a tasty, healthy treat.

Easy Crockpot Applesauce


  • 6-7 apples
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 1/2 cup water
  • optional: 1/4 tablespoon seasoning, I used pumpkin spice pie, which was delicious.  Cinnamon is always good as well.

Directions:  Wash, core and slice your apples.  No need to peel them, just slice into roughly the same size pieces.

Toss in lemon juice, then place in crockpot. Pour in water and sprinkle on seasoning  Cook on high for 2.5-3 hours or on low for 5-6 hours (note: cooking time will vary depending on how large your apple pieces are).

Once completely cooked (soft, uniform color, starting to break down), mash for chunky applesauce, or blend for a smooth applesauce. I used my immersion blender to get it smooth, a regular blender can also be used, but be careful of hot applesauce splatter.

**Serving suggestion: spoon a little warm applesauce onto vanilla ice cream.  The hubs and I did this right after it finished cooking and it was just like having pie with ice cream, so tasty!

Let me know if you give it a try.  Have you ever made applesauce?  What’s your favorite apple recipe?  I love a good pie or crumble this time of year.

Weekend recap – Adventures in eating and leggings wearing 

Hey!  Welcome to the blog today, it is always so good to see you!  How was your weekend?  Ours was good, pretty jam-packed with little adventures.  On most of Saturday and Sunday, we had back to back activities, starting with a workout, and no time to change after.  So much of both days were spent in leggings and in need of a shower.

Friday evening, in honor of it being Friday the 13th, the hubs and I decided to watch a horror movie after the kids went to bed.  I made us a little snacky plate and we picked “The Midnight Meat Train”  out of the selection on Netflix.  We picked it because it was one we had not seen before and Bradley Cooper was in it.  It was just okay though.

We also gave the kitchen a deep cleaning (yeah grown up Friday nights).  Which was super rewarding and nice to wake up to Saturday.

Saturday was a go, go, go kind of day, but started in such a nice leisurely way.  The hubs jumped up when the kids woke up, and I laid in bed and dozed for another 45 minutes or so, it was amazing (thanks, hubs).

When I did get up, I made a big breakfast and worked on some recipes (coming soon).  Then it was off to teach my class and for the little guy to start t-ball with his Itty Bitty group.  After class, we headed straight to the birthday party of our friend’s child.  They had a party at the park with a jumping castle and went with a Harry Potter theme.  Check out this amazing cake!  The spider was made out of Rice Krispies treat.

All the decorations were just awesome.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on chores and grocery shopping before I finally got out of my leggings and into the shower to get ready for a girls night with a friend.  We went to an art show downtown. It was very unique and fun to check out all of the fairly random pieces in the show.

Afterwards, we went for drinks and snacks before calling it an early night.  I love a good charcuterie board and this one definitely did not disappoint.  We also tried some Thai curry shrimp, which were pretty tasty as well.

Sunday morning the little guy and I did some baking and then I headed out to an Orangetheory class.  It was a strength day, which I love.  I really focused on form and trying out some heavier weights, it felt great and I can definitely feel the extra work in my shoulders already.
After class, I immediately met back up with the fam for some quick errands before heading to book club.  So you know, more time in leggings and in need of a shower.

We went to a restaurant called Oink Cafe for brunch, which specializes in bacon.  It was packed!  I was feeling lunch, so went with a Cobb salad.

I couldn’t resist trying one of their maple bacon donut holes and bringing some home for my little family.  I love that sweet/salty combo, they were so good!

The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing at home.  We made some soup, did some laundry and relaxed before the week.  It was a perfect end to a busy weekend.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  Any big plans for the week?

Hope you have a great day!

Friday Favorites – 10/13/17

Welcome to Friday friends! How has your week been?   No complaints over here.  I was a little jealous of the folks that had Monday off, but overall the week was pretty good and flew on by!  Per usual, I thought I would share some favorites from the week. I’d love to hear some highlights from your week as well, so please play along in the comments.

A top favorite from the week was date night with the hubs!  We went to a fancy (serves drinks, meals and most importantly, Chicago mix popcorn) movie theater and saw “It.”  The movie was super creepy, but the one on one time with the hubs was awesome.

On our return, we were greeted with these sugar skull cookies my mom decorated with the babies (can you tell which ones they decorated on their own, so cute!).

The hubs picked me up some new socks this week.  I don’t know about you, but I just love new socks.  I feel like they are always at their comfiest for the first wear or two.

I impulse bought a pizza making kit last weekend, so the babies and I had a little pizza party this week.  They had so much fun making their pizzas.  Notice the one on the right is missing bites, the little miss snuck a couple bites as we were assembling.

In the online world:

I am loving all things fall and pumpkin right now, and I always love a good face mask.  I saw this DIY pumpkin spice facemask on Pretty Simple Ideas this week and cannot wait to give it a try.

Have you guys seen this article about the NICU grandfather?  Big huge tears, what a wonderful thing to do.

I am also pretty excited to try out this pumpkin spice granola from Running In A Skirt.  I have never made granola in the crock pot, but love the idea.

In fitness I have had my usual teaching schedule this week, an Orangetheory class Monday, a yoga class last night and a couple of cardio sessions in between.  I was a little bummed because I wanted to try out a spin studio I had heard great things about, but it was all booked up for both nights I could have made a class.  Hopefully, I can get in some time in the near future.

How was your week?  Have any fun dinners or workouts?

Any big plans for the weekend?  I have lots of chores to do, and we are looking forward to catching up with friends at a kiddo birthday party.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Halloween workout playlist

Hey friends! How are you today?  Happy Friday eve!

Friday the 13th eve to be specific (ohh spooky)!

Since it is October and Halloween festivities are coming up, I put together a little Halloween themed workout playlist to share.  This is a mix of classic and newer songs that all have at least a little spooky/Halloween flare to bring to your next workout.  The first and last songs are great for warm-up and cool down, everything in between is great for working out while enjoying the season!

Halloween Workout Playlist

You can also find this playlist on my Spotify, here.

Looking for a workout to pair it with? You could always go with some creepy cardio to complete the theme;)

Do you have any favorite Halloween songs?  Are you superstitious about Friday the 13th? I am not, but enjoy the novelty of it.

Hope you have a great day!  See you tomorrow with some favorites from the week!