Wedding fun in Temecula (and quick hotel gym workout)

Whoo!  What a whirlwind few days it has been.  I was on the road at 4:00AM (SO EARLY) on Wednesday to arrive in Temecula, CA in time for my dear friend Leslie’s wedding rehearsal.  I made it with time to spare and we kicked off a few days of fun wedding festivities!  It was my first time in Temecula, and it is just beautiful.  There were rolling vineyards in every direction, and the scent of lavender and fresh citrus in the air.

Check out our patio view the morning of the wedding.

temecula am

Les wedding day I had a wonderful time celebrating with the bride and groom, and all their guests; some I had known for years. just love weddings, it is such a happy occasion, and watching two people who are obviously so in love and supportive of each other come together is always an amazing thing.  Also, is this not the most beautiful bride!  I wish I had gotten a good picture of her dress, with it’s super long train. It was gorgeous!

Most of Wednesday and Thursday was spent celebrating and getting ready, I did manage to squeeze in a quick morning workout at the hotel gym the day of the wedding though.

The hotel gym was surprisingly huge and well equipped, there were weights, machines, cardio equipment.  There was even a small yoga studio separate from the main workout area.  Below is the workout I did, 20-25 minutes and on with the day.  Let me know if you give it a try.

hotl gym

Hotel gym workout (I used the treadmill and a barbell for chest presses, but you could also jog/run outside and swap push-ups for chest presses if working out at home with limited equipment).

One mile jog/run:  Start with a slow jog and increase speed every quarter-mile

Circuit 1: Alternate exercises, repeat circuit 3 times

  1. Chest press x 10
  2. V-Ups x 10

Circuit 2: Alternate exercises, repeat circuit 3 times (used dumbbells for this circuit)

  1. Dead lift x 10
  2. Upright row x 10
  3. Tricep extension x 10

*Please note, while I am a certified personal trainer, I am not familiar with your needs, abilities or limitations.  Please consult a medical professional before attempting a new workout or exercise program.

Hope you all have a great weekend!



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