Weekend recap (Viva Las Vegas)

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Hi friends!  How was your Easter weekend?  Ours was great, though not especially Easter-y.   The hubs and I were in Vegas for a dear, old friend’s wedding.  I missed being home with the babies to hunt for Easter eggs and celebrate the holiday.  But it was such a treat to catch up with friends and family, and celebrate an amazing couple.

We got to Vegas Saturday afternoon and immediately started exploring.  We stayed on Fremont Street, which was a first for me.   It was great fun!  Very laid back atmosphere. Fremont Street at night is basically one big block party.  There were live bands on the street, a light show on the huge screen above us, it was a blast.  Also, oh so much cheaper than the Strip.


Sunday was spent lounging by the pool and catching up with old friends and my BIL/SIL, before getting ready for the wedding.  We had a great day and the wedding was amazing.  I didn’t get anywhere near as many pictures as a I wanted.  The ceremony was at the Neon Museum, which is an awesome little place, full of old Vegas signs.


This was definitely an indulgent weekend without much in the way of formal workouts, but I did manage to sneak in one quick workout.  The hotel had pretty nice facilities, here is the weight room.  The cardio room had better views, but other folks were in there, working out.  So I decided to not be a creeper taking pictures.


So one random moment, the hubs magnetic knife.  It was so odd, none the other silverware on the table did this.  Anyone know what causes this?


How was your weekend/Easter?  Any big plans for the week?  I feel like the last few weeks my eats and workouts have been a bit sporadic.  So planning to really focus and get back on track, with planned workouts and lots of healthy eats.


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  1. I’ve actually never been to Vegas! My husband used to go all the time (he was a big roller back in the day) but that was before we met. Still on my bucket list to go to though!

    Glad you got an adult getaway too! 😀

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