Back to the grind


Happy Monday friends!  Hope your week is starting off well.  We are back to the grind after a down weekend.

So, funny story about the coffee.  I am a big coffee drinker and usually have multiple cups throughout the day.  The babes apparently hear me order coffee a little to often, as they have now taken to trying to order themselves coffee.  My little dude told the server at dinner that he would “take a large coffee” the other night.   He has asked me repeatedly in the last week if “we should drink coffee?”  his little sister will generally start chanting coffee in the back ground as well.  It is kinda funny, but also I promise I am not giving caffeine to my children (can you imagine a super caffeinated two-year old – terrifying).

With travel and illness, my workouts have been kind of sporadic the last couple of weeks, so I am focusing on getting in some good workouts this week.  Here is one I put together recently, if you want to give it a try.workout


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