Hello Friday….

… I’ve been waiting for you such a long time!

Hey friends, how has your week been? My week has come along nicely. I have been waking up thinking it’s Friday the last three days in a row, so I am pretty stoked to see that Friday is actually (finally) here.

My absolute favorite this week has been the baby snuggles. Both of the babes have been especially cuddly this week.  The house is a mess, but I am enjoying the snuggles.

Other faves include lots of yummy coffees and smoothies.

Delicious Mexican pastries! Such a yummy treat.


Lots and lots of salads. I’m thinking it’s a response to the hot weather (we are in the 90s here in Southern AZ) but I have wanted all the salads all the time. I’ve had one for lunch or dinner every day this week.

Return to yoga and a new yoga towel. I hadn’t made it to an actual class in a couple of weeks. I was overdue!

I am in love with my new yoga towel. I have been thinking about getting one for two years or so, but never got around to buying one. It is awesome! I took a super sweaty class and never worried once about slipping.

yoga 2

Also, I got there early enough to snag my favorite spot in the room.  Do you have a favorite class spot?  It’ s amazing how quickly you get in accumulated to going to your spot, and how weird it can be to end up on the other side of the room.

Any fun weekend plans?  I am teaching a total body class and have a graduation party I am looking forward.  The babes and I are also going to work on some goodies for their teachers. Teacher appreciation week is next week.

Have a great one!


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