Weekend recap

Oh weekend, so sad to see you go!  Hope you had a great weekend. We had a pretty good time over here, despite the hubs working quite a bit and the little miss deciding we should pull an all nighter on Saturday.  She is such a good sleeper usually, but we were up and down for hours with her Saturday night.

Check out my peach tree!


We planted this handsome little guys a few years.  Each year we get a great crop of tiny little peaches.  This year they are looking a little bigger.  Super excited for all the peach things once they are ripe.

The weekend kicked off with a quiet, at home date after the babies went to bed.  The hubs and I caught up on some Netflix (we are so behind on all the shows), shared some drinks and snacks, and started on Teacher appreciation week crafts.

The kids and I are finishing up their teacher cards this evening.  I just adore their teachers, so it has been fun planning a little treat for them.

Saturday morning I taught class.  Then later in the day the babes went to visit the grandparents and I attended a graduation party.  It was so nice to celebrate the graduate (congrats Don)! As well as to indulge in some Mexican food and Margarita.  That chili pepper below cracked me up.  I had a great time catching up with some old friends.

brit and I

We were out on the patio, and it was weirdly (for Tucson) chilly.  It was windy and only in the lows 70s yesterday.  Last weekend it was upper 90s, crazy T-town weather.

How was your weekend?  Any plans for the week?    I am looking forward to enjoying the nice weather while it lasts and taking lots of walks with the babes.  Also super excited for Orange Dream month at Eegees!  It is by far my favorite Eegees flavor.  I am also hoping to take a couple of fitness classes this week.  Since I started teaching and training, I stopped going to classes as often. I love the group exercise environment though, and feel I improve as an instructor learning from the style of others.


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