A burpee a day….

Happy Monday friends!  Hope your week is off to a great start!  I am feeling ready for the week.  I like to spend a little time each weekend planning out meals and workouts, prepping food, and feeling out the family schedule for the week.  It really helps me feel prepared going into the work week.  I find that everything seems to run smoother for our whole little family when I do this.

This weekend I was actually able to get the kiddos stuff ready for the week, as well as plan out workouts and meals.  Prep some delicious, healthy snacks, and just in general take a moment to plan out my week.  Who knows what the week will hold, but at least I feel prepared going in.  It is a nice change of pace after a hectic few weeks.

I also really like to get a solid workout in on Mondays, I feel like it kind of sets my workout tone for the week.  I am teaching today, and planning to also bust through this quick burpee workout to start my week off right.

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Let me know if you give it a try.


6 thoughts on “A burpee a day….

  1. This looks like a great workout! I like how simple it is, I don’t like it when workouts are too complicated and I keep havign to check to see what I’m supposed to be doing lol. I also strangely kind of like burpees (relatively speaking), I need to give this a try!

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