Weekend Recap

Hey friends, how was your weekend? Any big Cinco de Mayo or Derby events?  Our weekend started out super sweet with the babies.  My son was snuggling his baby (below), and telling the hubs that he was “hugging baby, because she is special to me.”  baby

Meanwhile, the little miss yelled “I love you” in her sweet little baby voice when the hubs had to leave for work.  My heart could not have been happier.

The rest of the weekend was a nice mix of social, fun time and getting stuff done.  I enjoyed a Pita Jungle lunch date with a good friend.  This Chicken Avocado Pita Tostada was amazing.  I want to figure out how to recreate the black bean crema on it, and put it on all the things.

pita jungle

I also got to catch up with some other friends Friday evening, which was much over-due, it was so nice to see them.  Saturday the hubs and I tagged teamed chores.  The kids enjoyed the first splash pad of the season, and we got to meet our friends new baby (not even a week old).  He was so, so cute and sweet.

The evening ended with my fur baby and I finishing up 13 Reasons Why.  Have you watched it? I enjoyed the show, but some parts were pretty hard to watch.

mogs 2

Sunday was a busy day of cleaning and preparing for book club.  Trying to get the house ready to entertain with two small children is always a challenge, but we (more or less) had everything ready in time.  We even managed to squeeze in a family lunch outing earlier in the day, which was a nice treat.

I forgot to snap a pic of the full spread, but here is my contribution to the book club feast.  It is a potluck style event, mostly appetizers and sweets.  There are some wonderful cooks in it, and the goodies are always amazing.


What do you have going on this week?  This is looking to be a pretty busy one over here, so I am planning to focus on sticking to our meal plan and getting in some workouts where I can.  I will be back with a quick treadmill workout; as well as a healthy snack/dessert idea later this week.

Hope you all have a great day!


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