A day in eats…

A Monday to be exact.  Happy Wednesday!  If you are a Monday-Friday peep we are half way through the work week (woot woot)!

I thought I would share a day of eats with you today.  This is from Monday, which was actually a pretty typical week day for me, food-wise.

Started my day with the usual coffee, protein powder, collagen, almond milk combo on the way to class (notice the long sleeves, weird little May cold front in AZ).

coffee shaker

A couple of hours later I had some peanut butter and chia overnight oats with strawberries on top, plus more strawberries on the side.

overnight oats with strawberries

I was feeling pretty snacky all day, so mid morning I had a packet of Trader Joe’s Trex Mix.

trail mix

Followed by a picky plate lunch a couple of hours later.  Hummus, whole wheat pita, carrots, grapes, and a few black olives.

hummus plate

Before going to pick up the kiddos, I also enjoyed a Coconut Chocolate RX Bar.  I need to make another batch of my homemade RX Bars soon.

rx bar

While making dinner, I snacked on some more carrots and hummus.  Then feasted on a quick sausage, sweet potato and kale hash, sautéed with leftover bruschetta topping from book club (yes to using up all the leftovers!).

mon dinner

Dessert was this little beauty, courtesy of my friend Annie.  It is a mini apple monkey bread, and tastes like what dreams are made of.

apple monkey bread

How is your week going?  We have been rocking and rolling over here and the week has just been flying by.  I have a new healthy snack/dessert recipe for you guys tomorrow, see you then!


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