A little retail therapy

*This post is not sponsored, I have just been impressed with my experiences and wanted to share.

So one thing you should know about me is that I am a super bargain hunter.  With the kids I tend to indulge a bit more, but if it is for me, it pretty much has to be on-sale and I will have an internal back and forth about whether to get it or not for like 10 minutes.  I have always loved going to second hand and consignment stores, looking for great deals.  But, it takes time to find something perfect for you at second hand stores, and I just do not have the time anymore.

Enter Thred Up.  Have you tried Thred up?

tup 4

It is an online second hand/consignment shop and I love them.  They seem to have all the brands I love, great pricing, and there always seems to be a code for a discount, or free shipping available. My favorite part it is that you can filter for the brands you want, in just the sizes you are looking for, which saves so much time!

I have purchased from Thred Up a few times and have always been so pleased with the items I received, they have all been exactly as described and in pretty much new condition.  Here are some recent finds (from a few weeks ago, the purse was for someone and I didn’t want to post until I gave it to her).

tup 1

My little miss was pretty excited to see too.

tup 5

On this shopping adventure I got my little dude some new duds (He is SUPER into Cars).

tup 8

Gotta this momma some new workout gear (ASICS top and Reebox bottoms)

tup 10

A new shirt for Spring and Summer.

tup 9

And this beauty for the madre!

tup 7

I was most excited about this purse.  It is a large one, and in perfect condition.  With a 20% discount they were running at the time, I was able to snag it for about a quarter of what they run new, score!

Are you a Thred Up user?  If so, what has been your favorite find?  Mine is definitely the above purse.  I also scored some Kut from the Kloth jeans for about 17 bucks.  I love how Kut from the Kloth fits me.

New to Thred Up?  Use my referral link and we both get 10 bucks to shop with.

Hope you all have a great day!




6 thoughts on “A little retail therapy

  1. I love…love….love my new purse!!!! It’s beautiful and in perfect condition!!!
    You are so smart!

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