It’s almost time to party! + Plank it out workout

Happy Thursday, how are you today? Hows your week been going?  It is shaping up pretty nicely over here.  My bruised knee is in full on purple mode, so unattractive, but not especially tender any more.  The baby girl is feeling better, and my handsome fella is graduating today!  I am so proud of him and so excited to celebrate this weekend.

Also, I just love these graduation candy stickers, they are just so cute and fun.  The hubs is not a huge fan of Hershey’s kisses, so we had to get some peanut butter cups in the mix as well.


It has been a busy week with babies, work and getting graduation stuff ready for the hubs, but I have been working in some fitness where I can.  I had a good sweat session at Turbokick last night, and am headed to a Barre class on Friday.  I am super excited for the Barre class, I have taken online classes, but never an in person one. Also, it is my local studios third birthday, so it is a free class (score)!

In addition to teaching and a couple of classes, I have also been trying to sneak in some mini workouts here and there.

If you are looking for a quick workout, how about my quick plank workout? It has a focus on core and upper body strength, and all you need is one dumbbell and 10 minutes (or less).



6 thoughts on “It’s almost time to party! + Plank it out workout

    1. It is a good feeling to get back into it after the baby comes, there were some exercises that I missed so much. Those early weeks of baby snuggles are everything though. Hope you are feeling good.

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