Half way through Whole30 

Hey friends! Hope your week is off to a great start!

I am a little more than halfway through Whole30 and thought I would share a little about it so far.  I will do a full recap when I complete the 30 days, but today I thought I would focus more on snacks I am enjoying right now.

Overall sticking to the plan during the week hasn’t been too bad. I think largely because I am used to meal prepping and eating what I have planned.  I pretty much always pack my breakfast and lunch to eat at work, so it is easy to stick to the plan for these meals.

On the weekend it is a little tougher, I miss my wine more and it’s a bummer being the only one not eating pizza.  Also, the babes wanted ice cream on Saturday.  It was tough making their cones and not even having a little taste.

I have been focusing on eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats and protein. There has been SO MANY eggs (my little family of four went through 3 dozen eggs last week). Lots of almond butter and plenty of avocado.

While I tend to go with a fresh is best approach, having some shelf stable snacks on hand to keep at work or stash in my purse has been essential.

For at work, I have been keeping Whole30 compliant bars, freeze-dried fruit and nuts on hand.


Having this stash in my desk drawer has really helped, especially when there is cake or other goodies floating around the office.

On the go, I keep a bar or dried fruit stashed in my purse, gym bag and car.  I pretty much try to make sure I have some sort of snack with me at all times because it is not always easy to grab something that works for me on the go (and I can get hangry pretty quick).

My faves are Larabars, Rx Bars and Pro Bars.  I love Larabars, but have been going with Rx Bars a lot recently for the protein.  They are one of the few bars with a good amount of protein that are okay on Whole30 (and they are super delicious).

snacks 2

The Trader Joe’s dried mango is just an all the time fave of mine, I love mango everything and these are so good!

I think individual packets of almond butter would also be a great on the go Whole30 food, but since I am nut butter crazy, I already have jars of almond and sunflower butter at home and work.

What are your favorite on the go healthy snacks (Whole30 or not)?


10 thoughts on “Half way through Whole30 

    1. They do actually recommend trying to stick to just having satisfying meals. I usually need a little something between breakfast and lunch though or after workouts. More water is good!

      1. My favorite go to snack is a handful of walnuts. The tastiest is a watermelon, strawberry, basil smoothie. Soooo refreshing!!

    1. Hey! Whole30 basically a whole foods eating plan that involves the elimination of sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy, and dairy. It a 30 days plan and allows you to kind of see how you feel without these food groups in your diet, and then reintroduce them one at a time to see how they affect you. I mainly wanted to make a clean break from sugar for a bit and take some time to focus on lots of produce and what I was eating and why.

  1. I bet you’re excited to eat pizza again! and wine…haha. My favorite go to snacks are lara bars, cliff bars, portable fruit (apples, bananas-aka fruit I can eat while walking without dishes at work haha), and spoonfulls of pb.

    1. I am so excited for the return of pizza and wine lol! Those are all good ones, I am definitely one to snag a spoonful of whatever nut butter I have on hand as a quick little snack, it’s so good and satisfying.

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