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Hey friends!  We are edging ever closer to Friday!  How’s your week treating you?

I am doing pretty well since getting over my Tuesday funk.  I went to a nice, heart pumping Turbokick class last night, which always makes me happy.

We also had a little bit of rain last night, which in southern AZ, is a real treat.  Dinner last night was kinda on the fly.   We made the pesto out of the Whole30 book to use up some basil we had.  I added the pesto to a sauté of shrimp, cherry tomatoes, swiss chard and carrot noodles (from Trader Joe’s)  it was delicious, total comfort food flavors.

shrimp pesto

Today I thought I would share with you a little track workout I did over the weekend.  I am not a really regular runner.  So when I do run, I tend to stick mainly to shorter, 1-3 mile runs and like to incorporate strength exercises in to break up the actual running.   The track closest to me is 1/4 mile (is that the standard track length?), so this worked out to a two-mile run, with breaks at each lap for lunges or push-ups.  Feel free to adjust distance or repetitions to meet your needs.

2 Mile Track Workout

Runner friends – any tricks for adding distance when running alone?  I will run longer when I am with someone, but tend to take more breaks, or stop sooner when I am running on my own.



8 thoughts on “Track circuit workout

  1. Love doing a sprints on a track to add some variety! I don’t do long distance now, but used to do half marathon distances and music was my go-to, but I actually preferred solo running! Also good scenery because it keeps your mind distracted!

  2. Oh I love doing some running and bodyweight exercises. When I run distances I usually set a time, like I’m going to run for 60 minutes and try to reach that goal. It also helps to have good scenery!

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