Weekend recap 6.12.17

Hey friends!  How was your weekend?  Mine included a whole lot of kombucha.   While in yoga on Thursday night. I was literally in down dog, watching sweat drip down my arm (attractive I know, it was a hot power yoga class), and all I could think about was how bad I wanted some kombucha.  There is a Natural Grocers next door to the studio I was at, so I picked some up on my way home.  I had never tried this flavor before, it was absolutely delicious and I had finished the whole (1.4 liter!) bottle by Saturday evening.booch

Friday evening, the hubs and I had dinner with my brother and sister in-law, and a couple close friends to celebrate the hubs birthday.  It was so nice to catch up with them and a great start to the weekend.

Saturday morning, I taught class, which my friend Brittany attended (thanks for coming Brit!) and then we took our kiddos for a splash pad playdate and lunch, no pictures were taken, but lots of fun was had and the kiddos were worn out.

My little helpers and I also made the hubs birthday “cake” on Saturday.  I use the term cake loosely, because there was no actual cake involved.  This is a chocolate sandwich cookie crust, with an edible cookie dough layer, a chocolate pudding layer and a peanut butter cream layer.  Topped with some other yummy goodies.  So, obviously not a healthy treat, and I was not able to enjoy it with the family, but the hubs definitely seemed happy with it.

mikes cake

Sunday morning I had planned to get up around 4:00AM to go for a solo run before the family got up.  I know that is crazy early, but Tucson is already really hot, and the babes get up early, so I strive for early if I can.  I was all set to walk out the door about 4:30, when my little dude woke up.  So instead of my planned solo run, the dude and I went on a little nature walk together at Sabino Canyon (one of my favorite places in Tucson).  We got there about 5:15.  The weather was perfect.  It was still a bit cool and it was so pretty watching the sun come up.

It was also great having a little mother-son date with my little guy.  We spent a good chunk of time just walking the trails and looking for rabbits and birds.  It was a great start to the day.

We then headed home to swoop up the rest of the family and head to Trader Joe’s to pick up some essentials.  I hit up both Trader Joe’s and Sprouts this weekend, and got a lot of Whole30 friendly foods, as well as some usual items.  Trader Joe’s in on the left and Sprouts on the right.  Yes, I did buy bananas twice, the ones from Sprouts were still a little too green and we go through lots of bananas over here.

Shortly after we got home, my in-laws came over to celebrate the hub’s birthday and hang out for a bit.

Later I headed off to book club.  While I did not manage to read the book this month, it was still so nice catching up.  This is a potluck style book club and I had wanted to make something that accommodated my eating plan, but was still kind of exciting and sharable.  I ended up making some cashew cheese, as well as zucchini chips and bacon wrapped dates.  Which I turned into this little platter.

bookclub platter

I had forgotten how much I like this date appetizer, it is so easy and customizable.  I also see a lot more zucchini chips in my future this summer.  I will share the details on both soon.

What adventures did you get into over the weekend?  Do you have any killer potluck or appetizer recipes?  The folks in my book club make some amazing goodies (homemade cream puffs, what!?!).  While I love the books and seeing everyone, I definitely look forward to the food as well.


20 thoughts on “Weekend recap 6.12.17

  1. That Synergy drink is good? Just yesterday I had one picked up to buy and then chickened out because I thought it’d be yucky! LOL I’ll have to give it an actual chance.
    And that birthdaycakepie looks so gooood

    1. I love that flavor, but Kombucha in general is a pretty unique taste. If you have never had it before I would try a small bottle to see how you like it. The Trinity flavor has ginger, raspberry and lemon in it. Thanks!

    1. I love the ‘buch’ lol. I have definitely been trying to savor my time recently. My little guy will be three this month and I can’t believe it’s been three years already. Slow down time!

  2. I got into Kombucha RIGHT before I got pregnant and now can’t have it because of the slight alcohol content from the fermentation. My husband even liked it and he’s hyper critical of everything…I certainly didn’t expect him to be a fan.

    That birthday cake looks great. Reminds me of a treat I made after my last figure competition. Sugar running through my veins for days, but it was worth it. Happy belated birthday to your husband!

    1. Thanks! His birthday is actually tomorrow, but he works late, so we were celebrating over the weekend so he could have cake with the babies. I missed Kombucha a lot when I was pregnant too! I’m glad you husband likes it, the hubs has yet to try it, he is missing out.

  3. That cake looks really good! I don’t usually buy kombucha but Ive had it once or twice…never tried that kind though. I’ll ned to give it a try next time!

    1. They are good for produce and bulk stuff mainly. Sorry you don’t have one near you. We don’t have Aldi in AZ, and I am always so jealous when people have them nearby. It seems like they have great stuff on the cheap.

  4. Your “not cake”
    Birthday cake looks amazing! And I love early walks like that! (Although I’m a morning person who is often up at 4 Am!). I need more crock pot recipes! As someone who’s not much of a cook, I think that’s where it’s at for me!

  5. That cake looks delicious! I love the mix of healthy and not-so healthy but still super yummy treats in this post! Looks like a well rounded weekend!!

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