Whole 30 Review

Ladies (and gentleman)!  I have completed my Whole30!  Now that it is over, it feels like it flew by, lol.

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Overall I would say that I am glad I did it.  My primary reasons for following the plan was to cut out all the sugar, as I felt I had been overdoing it over the few months prior.  I also wanted to become more mindful in my approach to eating.  Since becoming a parent I have gradually gotten in the habit of just eating whatever was quick, or eating bites of the kids food, even when I was not hungry.

That was one thing I really enjoyed about Whole30.  While my options were much more limited, I really thought about whether or not I was actually hungry, and what I actually felt like eating.  Below are what I viewed as the pros and cons of Whole30.


  • A focus on fruits and veggies.  The majority of my meals and snacks had a fruit or veggie in them, and I felt good eating lots of produce.
  • More stable energy.  I did not feel that I really had more energy than I normally do, but I did not have any crashes throughout the day.
  • Decrease in cravings.  Within a few days I really didn’t want sugar all the time, like I had prior.  I have this candy dish sitting on my desk at work.  I thought I would have to move it out of sight, but I didn’t really feel the urge to eat candy at all.  Which is unusual for me, I love myself some candy.

candy jar

  • I felt more mindful and comfortable with my eating.  Because I had to think more about what I could eat, I considered whether or not I was actually hungry, or just used to eating at that time.  I also really thought about what sounded good, rather than just grabbing something quick.  I had gotten in the habit of having a glass of wine or a treat when the babies went to bed each night.  Since I couldn’t have either of those things, I thought a lot more about if I actually needed something to eat, or was just used to eating at that time.  In the last month, sometimes I had an evening snack, and sometimes I didn’t, but I always was mindful of how I was feeling and if I was actually hungry.


  • Limited protein options.  I am not really a meat everyday kinda gal.  On Whole30 I felt that my options for getting protein in were pretty limited and that I was eating more meat than I like to.
  • Options are limited.  It is a lot harder to grab something while out and about.  I am used to packing my lunch everyday and carrying snacks with me, but it still required quite a bit of planning and prep.
  • Time consuming.  I am pretty good at meal planning, grocery shopping and prepping for the week, but the Whole30 plan definitely took more time and prep than I am used to.

My take away (trigger warning: some talk of weight and body image).  

I enjoyed the focus on produce and  really want to continue that.  I already knew that I felt best when eating lots of fruits and veggie, and Whole30 really reminded me of that.

Following this plan also made me feel more confident in my ability to nourish myself and maintain my body without counting calories or tracking everything I ate.

Throughout the course of my life, I have been both thinner and heavier than I am now.  I feel that I am approaching a place were I just feel good in my body, and am much more focused on how I feel and what I am able to do, rather than my clothing size or weight.  During this experience, I did lose a little weight.  But I never thought about trying to and I never felt hungry.  I ate when I felt hungry, I enjoyed my food, and I didn’t track a single bite.

I do want to take that feeling with me, and focus on listening to my body and eating in a more mindful way.  While I did enjoy some components of Whole30, I am super excited to reintroduce some foods.  I am celebrating the end of Whole30 with a well-earned glass of wine (cheers)!  I am also kind of ridiculously excited to reintroduce legumes and some grains (I missed you oatmeal!).


Have you ever tried Whole30?  What did you think?


31 thoughts on “Whole 30 Review

  1. Couldn’t agree with your review more. I’m halfway through Whole 30 currently, and there aren’t enough options for protein other than meat meat meat! I can only eat so many eggs before I’m forced to eat another grilled chicken breast. I also agree that it’s crazy time consuming. I know you’re supposed to meal prep, but sometimes that’s not realistic if you’re REALLY busy. Overall? I think it’s great, but the rules are a little TOO strict. (I mean, you’re not even allowed to have certain types of vanilla. I mean come on!)

  2. Thank you for your honesty about Whole30! I’ve been trying to decide if I want to do it or not and everything I read about it is either ridiculously positive (Tiger blood??) or ridiculously negative. I really appreciate the middle of the road and laying out the pros and cons!

  3. Agreed! I like certain habits it introduced and we have changed our eating style, but Whole 30 is not how I want to permanently live.

  4. Thanks for the honest review! I’ve been considering trying it out, and really connect to what you’re saying about fruits and veggies, but I also worry about the time consumption.

    1. It was more time consuming than my regular weekly meal plan, but it is doable. If you are considering it, I would suggest taking a little time to check out recipes and meal ideas first. The Whole30 book has some good ones, and I pinned a bunch if you want to check those out on my Pinterest. I also kept hard boiled eggs and fruit on hand at all times for quick breakfasts and snacks.

    1. That is a great idea! I actually still tear out recipes from magazines, I usually just tuck them into my cookbooks, but it would be nice to have them organized like that. Hope you have a great day!

  5. I haven’t done Whole 30, because of the limited protein options. It also seemed kind of ‘stressful’ to keep up with everything. Honestly, I really like your approach to it, and may actually give it a try now. 🙂

  6. I’ve tried doing a Whole30 several time and I just get such horrible migraines from day 3-day 7 (which is the longest I’ve made it so I don’t know when it would clear up). I struggled with eating that much meat as well. Kudos to completing it!

  7. Way to go! I agree on the snacking is much more mindful. You did great!

    We are halfway through our 30 Day Reset and while my sugar cravings are way down I still want ice-cream! I would have had go throw that candy jar out the window =)

    1. Thanks lady! Good job with your reset, hope it continues to go well. While I am planning to limit my sugar overall, there will definitely be some ice cream in my very near future.

  8. Congrats on your Whole30 journey!! I’m about 9 days away from completing my first Whole30. I also have found how limited my options are while eating out and it’s been incredibly frustrating. Looking forward to my celebratory glass of wine too 🙂

    1. Yeah! You will be done in no time. Eating out was definitely difficult. I had the best luck at salad bar type places, were I had total control over what I put on my plate. It did help me find some new favorites though.

  9. I have never officially done a Whole30, although I feel I eat pretty similar already. I have still been thinking about doing it, even while pregnant, so I appreciate your honest thoughts!

    1. Thank you! I don’t know if I could have done it pregnant, I basically wanted all the smoothies and popcorn while pregnant. Hope you have a great weekend!

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