Gimme the pizza + new workout

Hey friends, happy Friday eve!  How is your week going?  Thank you for all your feedback on my Whole30 review.  I had some requests for meal planning ideas and shopping lists for Whole30, so I am putting together a post on it, that will be up next week.

So, I had every intention of slowly reintroducing foods over the next few weeks, but then this happened.


I had wanted to take a picture before any slices went missing, but the babies wait for no one when it comes to pizza.  It was a long day, and by the time I picked up the babies, I was just not feeling up to making dinner.  It was not the slow food reintroduction I was planning.  But it was delicious!  What can I say, sometimes life just calls for pizza.

Switching gears, I wanted to share a little workout with you that I put together last week.  This workout consists of a set of exercises containing 100 repetitions, to be completed 4 times (for 400 repetitions total).  The only equipment needed is a pair of dumbbells.

400 Repetition Workout

Please feel free to adapt as needed to suit your needs and goals.  Let me know if you give it a try!

What have been your go to workouts recently?

How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?  I usually go with veggie toppings nowadays, but when I am feeling nostalgic, I am all about the pineapple and Canadian bacon.  It was my favorite when I was a kid.


29 thoughts on “Gimme the pizza + new workout

  1. Woot!!! I love pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza! And with this workout I won’t have to feel a bit of guilt eating it – plus I can squeeze this in while playing with my little one, because there’s no bulky equipment. Thank you for sharing!!!


  2. OMG that pizza. I’ve never done a Whole 30, but I would dive into a pizza pie the first day after, lol. And I literally have never tried pineapple and canadian bacon on pizza, I need to change that asap!


  3. You know, I’ve never tried pineapple on pizza but I definitely wouldn’t be against trying it! Grilled pineapple is delicious so I don’t see how putting it on pizza could hurt.


  4. Sometimes you just need pizza! That looks like a great workout. I’ve mainly just been walking and running lately…I’ve never really liked strength training honestly, but I know it’s important and I need to make more of an effort to do it! I do like HIIT workouts though and would probably like this one since it’s a mix of cardio and strength!


  5. The one “different” toppingI do like is pinneaple! Otherwise I’m a cheese/pepperoni girl! This workout looks great! I love incorporating bursts of body weight cardio into my workouts, especially upper body! I’ll be trying this one out!!



  6. First of all, I LOVE this blog name 🙂 !!! Great quick workout guide. I can totally do this at home. And I love pizza too!


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