Weekend adventures

Hey guys, how was your weekend?  Can you believe it was the last weekend of June?  I feel like the month is just flying by!

We had a blast over here the last couple of days.  I kicked the weekend off with a girls night out Friday.  Complete with obligatory, I spent more than five minutes doing my make-up, selfie and Snapchat time.


Saturday morning, we were up and at ’em early, getting ready for my little guy’s birthday party.  My mom watched the littles for us while the hubs and I gathered up essentials and set up.   We enjoyed some delicious coconut iced coffee while we worked (yeah to his and hers iced coffees!).

coffee cheers

We had a morning party at a local splash pad, so we stuck with breakfast foods.  Bagels, muffins, hummus and pita chips, fruit, juice boxes, water, and of course, cupcakes!

bday spread

Even with the early start, it was roasting out.  Special thanks to everyone that braved the heat to help my dude celebrate, he had a wonderful time.

After the party, we were all pretty beat (except for the little dude, who was riding that new toys and it’s my special day high).  So we came home, relaxed and ordered all the Chinese food.

all the chinese food

I sampled a little of everything, but my focus was this delicious soup.  Because of course, who doesn’t want a nice hot bowl of soup after being in the roasting AZ heat all morning?

wonton sup

Sunday morning, the babies were up early. So we hit the park and the zoo before if got too hot.  We had some great animal sightings being there early.  This turtle was enjoying the morning sun and seemed to be posing for us.


We also were walking by the empty bear enclosure, when a zookeeper yelled to us that the bear was on her way out.  I am glad he caught us, the kids had not gotten to see much of the bear in our prior visits, but she was front and center this time!


The rest of the day was spent swimming, busting out chores and trying to stay cool.  In the evening, the hubs kindly offered to put the babies to bed, so I could take a yoga class.  It was the perfect end to my weekend.

Now it is back to the work week hustle.  I am super excited to celebrate my little guy’s actual birthday this week.  I am also going to focus on getting some more variety in my workouts this week.  I am planning a couple of yoga sessions (including the one last night), my usual strength sessions, as well as a couple workouts devoted to cardio.  I might try to catch Turbokick for one of my cardio sessions.  A run also sounds nice.  I don’t love treadmill running though, so hoping I can make it up early enough to run before it is a million degrees one day.

What do you have on the agenda for this week?  Do you tend to stick to one type of workout, or do you prefer a variety?

Hope you have a great day!


24 thoughts on “Weekend adventures

  1. That Chinese food looks amazing! It also looks very different than the Chinese food here in Japan. Here is a sad fact for ya……Japanese hibachi grill are an American thing. No such thing is in Japan! I was so sad when I discovered this!

  2. Looks like a great weekend 🙂 I love following a weight training plan for a period of time and then doing a bunch of different, unplanned workouts for a few weeks to “shake it out” a bit. Keeps you interested and on your toes!

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