Whole 30 grocery and meal plan

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Hey there!  How’s your week going so far?  Before we jump in to today’s post.  Did you know that yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Harry Potter book?!? Oh where has the time gone.

After sharing my Whole30 review, I had a few requests for Whole30 shopping lists and meal ideas, so I wanted to share some of my favorites.  If you are considering Whole30, I would suggest reading the 30 day guide.  The book I read is below, this provides an overview of the plan, as well as meal ideas and recipes.  I have not yet read the author’s first book, “It Starts with Food,” but am planning to.  I would like to learn more about the science behind Whole30.  I would also encourage you to check out their website, Whole30.com, which has a very thorough frequently asked questions section.


Below is my Whole30 shopping list.  I didn’t include compliant mayo or ranch, simply because I did not use these items and don’t really have an opinion to share on them.  I have heard that the ranch recipe from the Whole30 guide is awesome though.  Some of the items listed (for example, kombucha), aren’t really must haves for the plan.  But are things that I enjoy and was happy to find out were okay on the plan.

My Whole30 FriendlyShopping List (1)

Trader Joe’s was my favorite shopping spot while I was doing Whole30 (though really, when is Trader Joe’s not the best).  They have tons of Whole30 compliant items, including many that made it super easy to throw together a quick meal.  The shopping list I included is not specific to Trader Joe’s but there were some items that I found to be cheapest there.

My go to Whole30 compliant Trader Joe’s items are as follows:

  • Carrot Spirals
  • Chile Lime Chicken Patties
  • Sunflower Butter
  • Unsweetened Dried Mango
  • Larabars
  • Rx Bars
  • Seltzer Water
  • Everything But the Bagel Seasoning
  • Frozen Riced Cauliflower
  • Pre-cooked plain chicken patties
  • Ghee

Below are some of my favorite Whole30 meal ideas, there are also some great recipes in the Whole30 book.  My personal favorite was their Chicken Chowder.  I also collected quite a few recipes on Pinterest, I have not tried them all yet, but if you are looking for some ideas, check it out here.



  • Leftovers
  • Salad with protein of choice (tuna, chicken, etc), dressed with a little oil and vinegar and/or lemon juice
  • Gingery Carrot Soup (stick with almond butter and make sure your broth is Whole30 compliant)



  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Fruit
  • Zucchini chips
  • Nuts (no peanuts)
  • Banana with sunflower butter (extra delicious with a sprinkling of cinnamon)
  • Bars – Larabar, Rx Bar and Pro Bar all have compliant bars, stay away from ones with peanut or any added sugars (chocolate chips, etc).

I hope this is helpful to you.  If you have tried Whole30, did you have any awesome recipes that you would suggest?



24 thoughts on “Whole 30 grocery and meal plan

  1. I feel healthier just reading your shopping list!
    You must feel so good on the inside with all that good wholesome food.
    I’ve been trying to pay more attention to what I’m eating and I can definitely see the impact sugar has on my body and mood! Maybe I should jump on the whole30 bandwagon..

  2. I haven’t tried Whole30 before, but I definitely have been and want to continue to incorporate these into my diet. Totally want to grab some of these on my next grocery stop!

  3. I keep wanting to try Whole 30 but haven’t been able to bite the bullet yet. I have peanut butter every morning for breakfast and the though of giving it up makes me sad 🙂 I need to get on board with Almond Butter!

    1. I love me some peanut butter as well! Experimenting with the nut butters helped me. I like almond butter, but the sunflower butter was my go to when I wanted more of a salty nut flavor.

  4. I don’t follow Whole 30 but a lot of it is applicable. I find it really helpful to have items on hand that I can use to just throw something together.

  5. This is a great list! I recently did the Whole 30, and although I’m done I try to keep most of what you have on this list, in my house. I’m trying to stick with some of the changes…I really have to cut the sugars out again. It was intense but planning was definitely the biggest part to ensuring success.

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