A (snack filled) Day In Eats

Happy Wednesday!  How is your week going?  Today I am jumping on the “What I Ate Wednesday” train to share a day in eats.  This is from Monday, which ended up being an especially busy day.  This translated into lots of smaller, easy to grab things through out the day, and a super quick dinner.

I started the day with my favorite before class drink of iced coffee, protein powder and collagen.  I went with chocolate protein this time, so it was nice and mocha-y.  My class is super early, so this helps me get up and go when I am leaving the house before 6AM.


A little while later I enjoyed this delicious chia pudding (recipe coming soon), and a packet of Trader Joe’s Trex Mix.

I had some midday meetings, so I broke lunch up.  Around 11:00 I had some carrots (I think the purple carrots are so pretty), celery and hummus.


Along with this protein bar.  This was the first time I had tried this kind, it was okay.


Later, around 1:30, I had lunch round 2.  A small salad with chicken, blueberries and honey mustard dressing, and a side of pineapple.  That pineapple was perfectly ripe and delicious!


After collecting the kiddos and getting home, we all snacked on pita chips and more hummus while I got dinner ready.


Om the menu was bean tostadas.  I also whipped up some quick calabacitas, which I had been craving.  We also had some black olives on the side, and I enjoyed a ginger kombucha.  This meal hit the spot, and came together pretty quick. Win!


Later in the evening I snacked on a bit of kettle corn while catching up with the hubby.  I have been trying to stay away from the sweets.  But we have a bag leftover from the little guy’s party, and it was calling my name.

kettlecorn - Copy

What is one of your go to, quick weekday dinners?  I love doing tostadas, quesadillas, or cobb salads because I can put them together super fast and the whole family likes them.

Hope you have a great day!



21 thoughts on “A (snack filled) Day In Eats

  1. I feel you like kettle corn and ice near a Wegmans, they make one with coconut oil and Himalayan salt that is SO addictive!! My go to dinner meals are breakfast for dinner (too easy!) or taco salad!

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  2. I’ve never had chia pudding, but yours looks delicious!
    My go-to meals are veggie quesadillas (the leftover filling can be used for veggie tacos!) and grilled fish and asparagus and potatoes 😊


  3. You eat very similarly to me! I love hummus and veggies. Such a killer combo! And those TJ nut packs are the BEST. I need to pick up some more of those to keep in my purse 🙂


  4. Yum!! Your snacks look incredibly tasty! I am such a big popcorn fan that I don’t really trust myself with it haha. The kettle corn gets me in trouble. Thanks for sharing!!


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