Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday friends!  How was your week? I feel like it was a surprisingly busy and long week, considering that my work week did not start until Wednesday.

Any big plans for the weekend? I am really looking forward to this weekend.  But before we get to the weekend, let me share some of my favorites from this week.

New kiddo reading material.  For you guys with kids, do you tend to read the same books over and over again?  I do, the babes will pick a favorite and before I know it I can recite it from memory.  I get tired of the same books over and over, so I was thrilled when the little guy got some cool new ones for his birthday.  These are both adorable!  I am especially partial to Mother Bruce, a grumpy foodie bear, begrudgingly playing mom really does it for me.


On Tuesday we also had the opportunity to have a little family breakfast, which doesn’t happen to often.  The kids were honestly not in the mood to sit and eat, and were kind of trying to escape the whole time.  But the food was amazing and I loved that they had toys the kids could play with while they waited for their food.  I don’t usually order sweet breakfasts, but we got a cinnamon roll pancake to share, and it rocked my world.

fam breakfast 2

Mogs, my little fur baby also got a bath and a hair cut this week.  He so obviously loves feeling fresh and being all cleaned up, it always makes me smile seeing him prance around after.


I also got some fun mail this week!  I had won a Smashmallow give away about a week or so ago (thanks again Ashley).  I am so excited to start tasting all the delicious marshmallows.  Looking at the packages, the Root Beer flavor is really speaking to me, but we shall see what the favorite is.


On the workout front, I got in two Barre classes this week (I recently bought a discounted pack of class passes), and loved every minute of class. I also got in a few good workouts on my own this week. Focusing on yoga, strength and some light cardio. I’d like to get some HIIT or heavier cardio in this weekend. The heat does hurt my cardio motivation a little though.

I am looking forward to some fun family time this weekend.  Hopefully involving lots of pool time, good eats and maybe a little sleeping in!

What do you have planned for the weekend?  Are you more of a sweet or savory breakfast person?


32 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I want that cinnamon roll pancake in my face! I go back and forward on sweet or savory breakfasts. My favorite is probably coffee with a bite of dark chocolate or protein ball then a couple hours later a savory breakfast.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I’m more of a savory breakfast person, but I would not say no to some of those delicious marshmallows! I hope you enjoy your weekend–loved reading about your delicious breakfast with the fam!

  3. I’m an everything breakfast person. I don’t discriminate! We’ve got a quiet weekend planned. My husband starts a 2 week vacation and since the forecast is calling for rain we’re making tomorrow a PJ day.

  4. I don’t know what looks tastier – the cinnamon roll pancake or the flavored marshmallows! Looks like a super tasty week!

  5. Wow! That cinnamon roll pancake looks amazing! I like both sweet and savory breakfasts as long as I am having my coffee. We will be checking out that book Mother Bruce. Sounds like a winner!

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