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Hi Friends!  Happy Friday to you.  Any big weekend plans?  I am pretty excited for some weekend adventures, exploring a new to me city with one of my oldest friends.  Before we get to the weekend though, lets talk favorites from this week.

First up, the arrival of the summer monsoons!  We have had a couple nice of storms this week.  I love the rain, and the pretty rainbows and sunsets after.  The only negative is my hair, which believes that the humidity is its personal cue to remember the 80’s and be as huge and frizzy as possible.

The hubs and I also tried our hand at making cold brew coffee using the Starbucks packs.  It tastes exactly like the cold brew you would buy pre-made at Starbucks.  So if you like their cold-brew, I would suggest it.  It seems to be a little cheaper here on Amazon, than I have seen it for in stores.

FullSizeRender (11)

Speaking of Amazon, did you guys do any Prime Day shopping?  I did lots of looking, but ultimately no buying.  I did see this bag, that I am still considering though.  Isn’t it cute!

I do need a new gym bag.  Mine is old, starting to develop some tears, and smells like coffee from a spill earlier.

This week I also enjoyed a fun Barre class and dinner date with a friend.  It was so nice to catch up with her, and the perfect little detox/retox combo.

It has been a busy week, so I have not been able to enjoy as long of workouts as I wanted to some days.  But aside from the above Barre class and teaching, I was also able to enjoy a Zumba class, and some solo strength and cardio sessions.  I am hoping to get some yoga in stat.  I could definitely use some stretching and savasana.  I am also planning to try to get a quick Barre workout in later today, to try to stay on top of my Barre challenge.

Around the web this week, I really enjoyed this post from Amanda with tips for working out in the am.   I am definitely a morning workout person and totally agree that the more you have prepped the night before, the easier it is to get going.

I also loved this post from Ashley with some meal prep and time-saving in the kitchen tips. I literally made crock-pot chicken with salsa on Wednesday night.

I am also really looking forward to the Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up, which starts on Monday.  She always has such great workouts.

This weekend, I will be up before the sun tomorrow to jet to Denver.  I am SO excited.  I will be traveling on Monday, so no post then, but I will be back on Tuesday.

How was your week?  Tell me about your weekend plans.

Hope you have a great one!


28 thoughts on “Yeah for Fridays

    1. It’s a great workout, I really enjoy it. They have classes online that you can stream. I think it’s a monthly membership, but you can try it out for a couple weeks for free.

  1. Haha my hair goes crazy in the humidity too…growing up in Houston was rough 🙂 I haven’t tried the Starbucks cold brew packs, but I’ve been making cold brew in my french press lately and it’s super easy! You just put one cup of coffee (ground for a french press) and fill the french press up with cold water and let it sit overnight before pressing, it is delicious!

  2. Starbucks cold brew….. sounds amazing. And I’m super jealous of your sushi date. I could eat sushi every….day! Safe traveling!!

  3. I love summer storms in the late evening, as long as there is no chance of tornados. I like that they’re a reason to hang inside, cook dinner, or read a book. Have fun in Denver!

  4. Yes to all! I live in the desert, so I am desperate for monsoon season to begin! Although, I have super duper curly hair and it gets so frizzy that it becomes difficult to fit through doorways! I also love Ballet Barre classes, but unfortunately, I have not been back since my little was born. I love those classes! It sounds like you are off to a great weekend, so enjoy!

    1. I feel you, my fair is curly too, so with the humidity it gets big and frizzy. Hope you can make it back to a barre class soon, they have some good ones online you can stream.

  5. I LOVE the sunshine, but there is something so cozy about a summer rain. And I sleep SO well in the rain!! I’m glad you enjoyed that post 😉 Looking forward to being able to read everyone’s posts this week! The one bad (and good) thing about vacation-VERY spotty cell service and zero wifi!

  6. I love barre!!! I haven’t been in a while because it’s a bit pricey for me to do on the regular, but it’s so great for your body!

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