Denver Weekend – Second half

Hey guys!  Thanks for joining me for the second half of my Denver adventures. On Sunday, Sarah and I were up bright and early, ready to start our adventures for the day.

My lovely hostess greeted me with a green superfood blend before we tucked into some eggs and fruit at home.

After breakfast, it was exploring time! We took her dogs for a quick walk through a park near her house. I was in awe of all the green.  It is so different from the desert landscape I am used to.

After walking the dogs we took off on foot towards the downtown/Union Station area. I love exploring cities on foot, I feel like you stumble across so much that way.  For example, this Latin cultures festival, where we got to enjoy some delicious mangos!  We stuck with fruit, but I was intrigued by how they were cooking this meat, I had never seen that before.

As we were walking along one of the main roads, we came across all these beautiful pianos set up in the median.  People would just stop to play a song or two, I thought it was such a beautiful way to engage the community. I was tempted to sit and play a little myself but decided no one really need to hear me play Mary Had a Little Lamb, which is the only song I know by heart on the piano.

We stopped to check out the Union Station and capital building. I didn’t get any pictures of the farmers market, but there was a great one right next to Union Station. One of the vendors had the cinnamon almond butter of my dreams.

Around midday, we grabbed some pizza at Mellow Mushroom before heading over to Lakeside Amusement Park.

You guys, Lakeside Amusement Park is amazing!

It has been there since 1908 and is showing its age a little a bit, but was so full of charm and nostalgia for me.  They had all the fair rides I remember from childhood, as well as carnival games and fair food! 

It was also super affordable. Admission was $4.00 a person and tickets were .50 each. The rides were all between 1-6 tickets.  We had such a blast going on rides and playing games all afternoon.

After our fun at the amusement park, we grabbed a quick bite and ended the day/evening with some ice cream (it was National Ice Cream Day after all).  Followed by drinks at this cute little speakeasy.  The drinks were really fun.  We did the “bartenders choice,” so you pick an alcohol and give some preferences, and the bartender makes you a drink.  Since Sunday was also the season premiere of Game of Thrones, Sarah enjoyed a “red wedding” and I had a “King of the North.”  I am definitely team Stark, so so I was into it.

Monday was just breakfast and off to the airport.  I shared my delicious last Denver meal in yesterday’s post.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and so nice to catch up with my beautiful friend.

Do you like fair/carnival rides?  I loved them as a kid but now can only stomach a few at a time.


23 thoughts on “Denver Weekend – Second half

  1. Looks like so much fun! I flew in to Denver in April – we were on our way for a ski trip to Breckenridge – so I didn’t get to explore at all 🙁
    I actually am not a fan of carnival rides – I’m afraid they are going to break when I’m on the ride – but I’ll do roller coasters at an amusement park all day!

  2. I keep meaning to take my daughter to Lakeside. I think she’d love it! Did you get a chance to go inside Union Station? They did such an incredible job with the renovation, blending the old with the new!

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  4. What a fun trip! I love Denver, but haven’t explored the city as much as I’d like. Definitely want to go back!

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