Weekend Recap – Spontaneous outings and helicopter sightings!

Hey, friends! How was your weekend? Spontaneity was definitely the theme over here.  We did not have much planned going into the weekend but ended up keeping pretty busy.

The weekend kicked off with a spur of the moment dinner date for the hubs and I. My MIL kindly agreed to come watch the babies so we could enjoy dinner out.  We went to Guadalajara Grill, which is a local favorite with delicious salsa and margaritas. The salsa is made to your preference at your table.  I snagged a quick picture before diving in, but otherwise, put the phone down and enjoyed some one on one time with the hubs.

Saturday I taught a class and we did some chores and errands in the morning.  I did an online Barre class while the babies napped, then we headed over to my parent’s house for a visit in the afternoon.  My mom also gifted me this little canister of goodness.

I am definitely planning to add it to tea and smoothies, but am not sure how else I can use it.  Anyone have any unique matcha recipes? If you do, please share in the comments.  Saturday evening the hubs and I did more chores and crashed pretty early, parent life makes for exciting Saturday nights lol.

Sunday morning we had a play date with a friend and her kiddos. We lucked out, it was over cast and beautiful out!

A helicopter also happened to land at a nearby helipad, so we were able to walk over and check it out.  The kids were thrilled, and I thought it was pretty cool to see up close as well.

After our morning fun at the park, the little miss and I met up with some friends for brunch. These friends were in town on a spontaneous trip of their own.  It was so nice to catch up and enjoy some delicious breakfast (PS – that biscuit was about the size of my head, it was super fluffy and awesome).

After brunch, the little miss and I went home so she could nap and the boys went to a birthday party.  The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and getting ready for the week. I also hit up an evening yoga class.  We ended the weekend with a home-cooked dinner, and Game of Thrones.

What were your favorite things from the weekend? Any plans for the upcoming week?


34 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Spontaneous outings and helicopter sightings!

  1. I love restaurants that do table-made guac, never had salsa though! Bet it’s awesome!!

    Those helicopters are cool, but the nurses/medics that work on them are even cooler. When working as an ER nurse I’ve loaded TONS of critical patients into those AirEvac birds and I’m always amazed at the level of care they provide in such a small space. There is NO way I could do it.

    Hope everyone has a great week!

    1. I actually have a cousin that does that, they do amazing work! ER nurses (really all nurses) do some amazing things as well, so thank you for that! Hope you have a great day.

  2. Sounds like a fun (and yummy!) weekend! I really enjoyed getting out on our lake for the first time since I moved here 5 years ago. Too fun zipping around on a friend’s jet boat!

    1. It’s ground green tea leaves, so kind of a light green tea taste. Some can be a little bitter, but this one is very mild. The helicopter was cool, kids loved seeing it land.

  3. Oh my goodness! This sounds like such a great weekend! That salsa looks amazing, and how fun for the kids to see the helicopter!

  4. I love matcha! Haven’t had it in a while though. I usually just stir/shake into cold water and use as a pick-me-up thru out the day. I’ll be keeping up to see all the ways you end up using it!

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