New month – New workout plan

Hey, guys!  Happy August, can you believe it is August already?  I know it is still Summer, but my mind has been wandering towards Fall.  I even had a Pumpkin Pie smoothie over the weekend, it was delicious.

I had shared my personal workout calendar a couple of times last month and had a few comments that it seemed helpful.  So I thought I would share a calendar and some workout ideas for this month. Here is a printable calendar for the month for you to use    -> calendar

I also have a brand new workout for you!  Make sure to warm up for about 5-7 minutes prior to starting this workout.  All you need is a pair of dumbbells, but if you have a resistance band handy, try tying it around your thighs for your shuffles.  Just make sure it is a good 5-6 inches above your knee.  I did the shuffle portion of this workout by shuffling back and forth across the room, but depending on available space, you could do 3-5 shuffles in one direction, before coming back in the other direction.

bit o everything

Looking for some more workout ideas?  Try some of these:

400 Rep Workout

Four Round AMRAP

Plank it out

Quickie Burpee Workout

Or check out some of my favorite online workouts

*Please listen to your body and follow any directions from your doctor while engaging in physical activity.   While I am a certified personal trainer, I am not familiar with your individual needs and abilities, and information provided here is not intended to replace that of a medical professional.


27 thoughts on “New month – New workout plan

  1. This sounds like a great workout. You lost me at pumpkin pie smoothie though! That sounds amazing!

  2. As a teacher, Im not quite ready for fall 😉 But I am always ready for pumpkin anything.
    This looks like a great workout – I love that you don’t need too much equipment. How long would you say this on takes?

  3. Sounds like a good new workout. I get bored with the same thing, so a little bit of everything would spice it up for sure

  4. I’m so torn! I love summer too much I think I’d rather keep it. But I don’t deny I enjoy lighting fall smelling candles and the decor! And food! This workout looks like a good one!

  5. Love the burpee workout. They are a great exercise. I love short workouts you can do just in case life takes over and there is only a short time to get exercise in. I have made a few that I call back pocket workouts

  6. I love fall! Pumpkin pie shake sounds delicious. Thanks for the great workout so easy to implement not a lot of space or thing a needed!

    1. Thank you! It depends on what you are doing for workouts and your personal needs and abilities. I generally workout 5-6 days a week and will do a varying levels of cardio and strength 3-4 times a week and yoga 1-2 times a week.

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