Peachy keen – Weekend Recap

Hey, friends!  How was your weekend?  We had a nice, low-key weekend, full of lots of kiddo time, some socializing and a decent amount of chores and prepping for the week.  While the prepping is never that exciting at the time, I feel so relaxed starting the week knowing that laundry is done, meals are prepped, etc.

On Friday, I kicked off the weekend with a little friend time after the babies were tucked into bed.  I swung by to visit a friend and her new baby, before going to check out my friend Kourtney’s new house.  It was such a nice, relaxed way to start the weekend.  It was nice to catch up with some friends, and I love checking out houses.  Also, Kourtney has impeccable decorating taste, I am trying to convince her to just decorate for me the next time we move or restyle.

Saturday morning started off busy and early.  I dropped my car off for some work as soon as the dealership opened.  The hubs and babies picked me up and took me to the gym so I could teach my class, then took me back to my car.  A bonus of having the work done at the dealership is that they have a popcorn machine in the waiting room, which made the babies day!  Bonus for me, they washed and vacuumed my car, which was desperately needed and appreciated.

Later in the afternoon, the little miss and I went to visit a friend of mine and her daughter, while the hubs and baby dude went on a man date to a local train museum.  Both of us failed to snap any pics during these activities, but my little guys was super proud of his souvenirs.

FullSizeRender (86) - Copy

The guys beat us home, so I had the pleasure of coming home to this feast!  It was delicious.

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Sunday morning we were up bright and early to go peach picking at an orchard a little over an hour away from us.  Apple Annie’s is an adorable orchard and farm where you can pick your own fruit, and enjoy an assortment of homemade goodies.  The peaches were the main attraction.  But we also picked some pears and Gala apples at the orchard.

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When we went to the produce area, they were sampling salsa.  The little lady and I enjoyed sampling the salsas while the boys were looking around.  She was especially partial to the black bean and corn. The little miss loves salsa and spice in general, it always makes me smile.  I just never think of toddlers wanting spicy things.

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We had thought that the kids would nap on the way home, but very little napping happened (like maybe 10 minutes, for only the dude).  But they were happy the whole drive, singing and chatting.  The views were beautiful as well.

FullSizeRender (96)

When we got home we put away our haul from the day, and did some lounging and watched Sing (which is adorable)

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We then got to the work preparing for the week.  I made dinner, while the hubs did laundry and got the kid’s stuff ready for tomorrow.  This is a big week as they formally move into their new classrooms at their school.  They had been visiting their new classrooms a bit, but still a big/exciting change.  The weekend ended with an at home workout, a little relax time on the couch and the new Game of Thrones.

What did you do this weekend?  Have you ever gone to one of the pick your own produce orchards or farms?  I think it is so much fun, and it always leaves me motivated to eat all the fruits and veggies.

Hope you have a great day!


21 thoughts on “Peachy keen – Weekend Recap

  1. Your peaches look so good! We are still enjoying our fresh peaches from picking last weekend 🙂
    And you always have the BEST looking food!!
    My husband and I love to pick fresh fruit and berries… we are really into making jam to give out to family and friends around the holidays 🙂
    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you! I love all the fresh produce and it is so fun to go picking. I have never made jam but love getting homemade jams, that is awesome that you guys make your own! Hope you have a great day as well!

  2. Thank you so much! I love homes and decorating! I would love to help you purchase and decorate a new home whenever you’re ready. Peach picking sounds like it was so fun. I’m glad you had a relaxing weekend.

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