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Happy Friday friends! How are you today? Excited for the weekend?  This weekend has been a busy one, and I am ready for some downtime this weekend. While it has been a busy one, there were some fun things as well.  I did not snap as many pictures as normal but still have a few favorites I would like to share.

First up, new makeup (finally) and all the samples! I say finally because I ordered some concealer, which I was out of.  As well as a couple little implies goodies that were on sale.  My impulse buys, as well as a ton of awesome samples arrived right away. But my concealer got stuck in the mail for a while and arrived several days later.  I’m glad to have my concealer to hide the tiredness from this week, and am loving checking out all the samples.  Also, I just love getting mail that is not bills or junk.

Another major love from this week, Orangetheory!!! I have loved OTF since my first class a year and a half or so ago, and would take the occasional class here and there.  I never got a membership though, because it is pricey. I finally felt able to invest in me a little though and am loving going more regularly.  I am good about working out on my own, but definitely work harder in the group environment.

We also enjoyed Pei Wei takeout for dinner one night this week. I hadn’t had Pei Wei in a long time. It was delightful. Also, I love that you can get quinoa instead of rice. I love brown rice, but it’s nice to mix up the grains.  What ended up being extra nice about this dinner is that it was at home waiting for us. I had picked it up and stuck it in the fridge at lunch, so I wouldn’t have to stop with the babies on the way home. There ended up being a big storm and it took a lot longer than normal to get home, so it was awesome to have it waiting for us. Also, my baby girl loves their lo mien, and watching her eat stuff she likes is one of my life’s greatest joys. She is such a cutie!

Also hoping that everyone is okay following the Thursday afternoon storm I mentioned above. We weren’t home when it came through, but drove by several downed trees and came home to this in the backyard.  I think it’s part of a spa cover, but we don’t have a spa.

Last, but not least, have any of you checked out Brandless?  I have not tried it out, but am intrigued.  It is lots of organic snacks, beauty, and household items and everything is $3!  I am thinking I may need to check it out and report back but would love to hear about it if you have tried it.

How was your week?  Any big plans for the weekend?  Hope you have a great one!



33 thoughts on “Yeah Friday! – Favorites from the week

  1. Ahhhh i cannot wait to try out orange theory when it comes to Baltimore!! And I’d be interested in hearing about brandess! Have a great weekend!

  2. I go back and forth on trying Orangetheory. I can totally see myself loving the class but I can’t justify spending money on a membership or anything. Brandless seems interesting to me but I would want to know how the food tastes first.
    How weird that the spa cover landed in your backyard. Although that’s better than it breaking a window! Have a great day 🙂

  3. There is an Orangetheory right down the road from my office!
    Curious to know your thoughts on that bum bum cream. I hear the scent is so delightful, but haven’t been able to justify spending $45 on the full version!

    1. I have not tried it yet, but will report back. It has been a long week so I am thinking I might indulge in some at home sample spa time. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I’ve been wanting to try orange theory forever! I’ve heard such good things about it.
    Holy cow that’s a lot of makeup samples! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  5. Happy Friday! We don’t have a Pie Wei in Asheville, but there is one in Orlando near my parents house. It’s always a tasty treat.

  6. I’ve never tried Brandless before, but I think I need to look into it! Your pei wei comment gave me a big craving. I probably haven’t had it over 12 years…I used to eat it often when I lived in Minnesota, but I don’t know of any restaurants out where I live now. You’ve inspired me to check out their website and see if they have any nearby locations 🙂

  7. I have been an OTF member for about a year now and I too love these work outs. I only go every so often now, like you had mentioned, but I love that Orange Theory taught me HOW to work out so I could still work out on my own (and feel somewhat confident and not like a total dork). Good luck with your training 🙂


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