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Hello, welcome to the blog today!  How is your week starting out?  I was off on Monday for Labor Day and getting back to reality yesterday was definitely a little rough.

Now that we are in September, I am super excited that it is almost fall!  With all the decorations out in stores and pumpkin recipes making their reappearance, I feel like I can almost pretend it is fall now (almost, it was a 104 today!).   Fall is by far my favorite season.  There is plenty I enjoy about the other three, but I have also been a sucker for the crisp autumn air and all the Halloween festivities.  Also, being in southern Arizona, fall marks the first time in months you can be outside without feeling like you might melt.  I have been mentally creating a fall bucket list for the last month or so, and thought I would share it with you today.  Please play along in the comments and let me know what is on your fall bucket list.  These are in no particular order, some are fall specific, others just things I am aiming to do this season. 

Apple/pumpkin picking:  We had an awesome time peach picking back in July, and I am looking forward to taking the kids back to Apple Annie’s to pick apples and pumpkins.

Make apple sauce: After picking our apples, I want to make some homemade apple sauce.  It is so easy to make in the crock pot, and the kids and I loved it the last time we made it.

Pumpkin decorating:  My little guys are not quite ready for pumpkin carving, but I think they are both big enough to grasp pumpkin decorating!  I am super excited to decorate pumpkins with them.

All the Halloween things!:  I have always loved Halloween. I love costumes, I love haunted house and Halloween festivals.  Trick or treating is a blast, and I am a huge candy fan.  I am already scoping out Halloween events in our area and am hoping to attend lots of them.  The baby girl and I spent about 15 minutes standing in front of this display with her saying “Woah, it’s cool” over and over again last weekend.  I think she is going to be a Halloween fan like her momma.

Speaking of the little lady, she has a birthday coming up.  We are looking forward to planning and celebrating her big day a little later in the year.

Fall cleaning and house projects: This summer was about a million degrees here in Tucson.  It is hard to find the motivation to do much deep cleaning or projects around the house when you feel overheated just making dinner.  I am hoping to get through some projects and clean out/organize closets before we get to the holiday season.

Bake:  Last fall and winter I pretty much always had some sort of healthy-ish baked goods at the ready.  We made lots of muffins and oatmeal bakes.  It was great because the house frequently smelled like delicious baked goods and the kids loved being able to have muffins and the like for breakfast and snack.  As it cools off I want to get back to making some sort of baked good each week.

Take a 90-minute Orangetheory class: The studio I go to has a weekly 90-minute class.  I have no intention of becoming a regular 90-minute class participant (the 60-minute class is killer already).  But want to check it out and think it could be a good occasional challenge.

Read a non-book club related book:  Being in two book clubs means that I always have 1-2 books to read each month.  I love book club and reading books that I would not have necessarily picked for myself.  But, it can be challenging to find time to read other books that catch my eye.  I shared my want to read list a few weeks ago and am hoping to get to one of two of them over the next couple months.

Whats on your fall bucket list?  Do you have a favorite season?  


43 thoughts on “Fall bucket list

  1. Yes! I love Fall so much and I am incredibly ready! In NC, our weather right now may actually feel similar to your Fall. I’m not sure. But I know my boss who just moved here from AZ is actually kind of nervous that Fall/Winter will be far too cold for her. haha.

  2. Love all of these especially homemade applesauce! My son is getting old enough to enjoy corn mazes so that is on our list this year!

  3. I’ve never thought to make homemade apple sauce but I might try this year. I used to think summer was my favorite season but now I don’t know. This fall I’m excited to celebrate my one year anniversary with my boyfriend and go apple picking!

  4. Yes to the baking! We have plans to go apple picking and make apple butter – so good! And of course get all the apple cider donuts 😉
    I would love to do some family photos when the leaves change – it’s so beautiful here in Virginia in the mountains!
    Hope you have a great day!

    1. Yep, two book clubs! I don’t always finish both books, but it’s always lots of fun and a good excuse to catch up with friends. You will definitely have an exciting fall this year! I am so excited for you.

  5. I definitely need to get back into baking more. I love it. What kind of fall recipes are you thinking? I’m looking forward to exploring some state parks in NY and hopefully some apple picking as well. I am near a lot of farms which has been great for the summer. Now I am excited for some fall produce.

    1. I have been making muffins a lot recently, and love baked oatmeal as it start to get colder in the mornings. I bet there are some beautiful state parks in NY. Hope you have a great evening!

  6. You have a great and very attainable bucket list for this Fall! I get to go apple picking soon with my little man and I really would love to make some apple sauce. It’s always such a wonderful fall treat!

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