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Happy Friday friends!!!! How was your week? Mine was a short one, but I am still totally ready for the weekend.  I think with it being shorter, and me having jury duty on Wednesday, that I never really got in a good groove for the week.  It might also have been that I tried to jam a whole lot into my mini week, mostly fun stuff though.

This week I was loving catching up with friends.  On Tuesday evening, I met a friend to watch Food Revolution.  Which is a documentary primarily about GMOs.  It was narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson and I felt like I learned quite a bit from it.  Also, the director is apparently from Tucson.  I always love seeing my hometown peeps succeeding.

On Wednesday after the babes were tucked in, I went to a friend’s for a girls night in.  We sipped wine, had snacks and chatted, it was a great time! Kourtney (the hostess) put together a delicious cheese and chocolate tray for us.  I forgot to take a picture, but it was great snacks and company (thanks for having me Kourt)!

In food and drink related favorites, I have a new favorite La Croix!  I don’t know if the mango flavor is new or just new to me, but it is delicious!

Being downtown on Wednesday also gave me the opportunity to have lunch at the downtown El Charro, which aside from having great food, is a sentimental spot for me.  The hubs and I had our rehearsal dinner there.

I have been listening to more and more podcasts recently and have been really into Casefile this week.  Thanks to Erinn for the suggestion!

This weekend, I am looking forward to a celebratory lunch with a friend (she just passed a big exam and I am SO proud).  I also have book club on Sunday.  I am going to have to hustle up and finish the book, but I am really excited to see everyone.  Especially since I ended up missing last month’s book club when the kids and I got sick.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?  What was one of your highlights from the week?

Hope you have a great one!


36 thoughts on “Friday favorites

  1. Mmmm La Croix is delish! I was looking forward to a fun weekend outside since it is supposed to be 70 and sunny here in PA but I have a kiddo home sick from school. The winter germs have come early!

    1. I like the mango and the grapefruit the best. The Traitor’s Wife. It is historical fiction about Benedict Arnold’s wife, it’s an easy read. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. The Mexican food looks so good! There’s not a good Mexican place near me so I miss it. This weekend I’m looking forward to running a 5k and relaxing at home after a travel filled weekend last weekend.

    1. The mango flavor is tasty, but most of their flavors are pretty awesome! I love food and nutrition documentaries as well. This one was a bit different from others I have seen, so it was cool to take a different look at things. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Looking forward to celebrating with you too!! I like La Croix, it helps when I’m cutting back on soda and need something bubbly.

  4. Jury duty and the holiday might have you feeling like you didn’t get into a groove, but, seems like you had a good week! That Mexican food looks delish and I love the mango la croix too! I just tried it.

    1. I didn’t get selected, it was just a day of juror selection and I was one of the last cut. It was kinda equal parts interesting and boring. You do a lot of waiting around, but it’s kind of cool to see how the legal system operates. Thanks for introducing me to Casefile! It is so good.

  5. I wasn’t even hungry and then I saw your picture of that Mexican food. YUM!! I have to try that La Croix! Hope you have a good weekend!

  6. Oh I NEED that La Croix flavor in my life!! Looking for it the next time I go grocery shopping. Also Mexican Food=Life :)!!!

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