Weekend recap – All the breakfast

Here we are at the start of another week friends.  How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty laid back and enjoyable.  It started out with some awesome Dia de los Muertos finds.  These pillows were only 5 bucks a piece and got me super excited for fall (Halloween) decorating.  I also got a door hanging that I am loving.

Friday night the hubs worked, so after the babies were in bed, I caught up on the Netflix that only I like.  I have been watching iZombie, which is a total guilty pleasure type show.

Saturday morning started with a delicious breakfast, courtesy of the hubs.  I had a breakfast salad, plus bacon, a blueberry veggie muffin (still tweaking the recipe, hopefully coming soon), and fruit.  It was basically my ideal breakfast.

After family breakfast, I headed out to teach class, then met a friend for breakfast number two.  It was awesome catching up and planning many more get togethers over the next few months.  The highlight was sharing these delicious pumpkin pancakes.  It might still be hitting the 90s every day, but my heart says bring on the fall foods.

Saturday afternoon we took a family trip to Costco, where we ran into a couple of friends. Costco was bumping on Saturday.  There were some great samples, and we were able to get in and out pretty quickly despite the crowds.  We then went home and played in the backyard with the babies until their bedtime.

Since we had snacked so much at Costco, no one was really ready for an early dinner, so we fed the kids some good snacks before bed.  Then the hubs and I had a late, dinner and a movie at home date after the kids were tucked in.  We made a Blue Apron (ignore the paper towel napkins).  I have really been enjoying these at home dates recently.  I love going out, but it’s nice to relax and connect at home as well.  Also, it’s a date I can enjoy in yoga pants.


Sunday morning kicked off with a 7am Orangetheory class. I am glad I went, but it was super hard getting up and going.  The babes both choose Sunday as a day to sleep in and I really wanted to also sleep in.  In the end, I’m glad I went though. It was an endurance/power day and kicked my booty in the best way.

After class, I came home and cleaned out the fridge to make breakfast created this masterpiece.  It is a scramble with eggs, zucchini, a few leftover French fries, bacon and lots of Cajun seasoning, with a side of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread.  It was delicious!

After breakfast, we loaded up the kids and headed to the playground.  We made a quick pit stop at Starbucks on the way.  So I could jump on the pumpkin spice bandwagon, and the kiddos could have a little post breakfast dessert in the form of cake pops.

During playtime, I also snuck away to a quiet spot in the park to do a 5 minute guided meditation.  A friend of mine has been telling me all about the benefits of meditation and I set a goal of taking at least 5 minutes each day to meditate for the rest of the month.  We shall see how it goes.

Later in the day, I went to book club while the hubs braved the grocery store with the babies on his own.  My book club read The Traitor’s Wife.  Which is a historical fiction novel about Benedict Arnold’s wife.  I enjoyed it, good summer reading.  I also enjoyed lots of socializing and snacks, which is always something I look forward to.  Look at this plate of carby goodness.

Sunday evening was spent preparing for the week and relaxing with the family.

What did you do this weekend? Any fun adventures?

Friends impacted by Hurricane Irma, and recovering from Hurricane Harvey.   My thoughts have been with you.  Hope you are safe.


26 thoughts on “Weekend recap – All the breakfast

  1. REALLY shouldn’t have read this post while hungry. That bowl of cereal from 2 hours ago is not going to cut it after seeing these pictures. Um, yum.

    1. Lol, it was a happening spot. We didn’t go that often pre kids, but go a lot now. They love it! Thanks, I’m hoping starting small, with short sessions will help me stick to it. Hope you have a great day!

  2. I am super excited for your blueberry veggie muffin recipe! That sounds delicious! But I love that that your breakfasts are basically throwing together what you already have. Those always turn out the best and you can never recreate them! We like making “skillets” where we basically throw everything we have in the fridge with some eggs and call it breakfast!

    1. Thanks! I had hoped to make a new batch with a couple changes over the weekend but didn’t end up having time (that one was from the first batch). Hopefully soon! I hate wasting food, so I love those thrown together breakfasts. Skillets sound awesome! Hope you have a great day!

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