Babies and the beach 

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Today, I wanted to share a bit about our recent trip.  This past weekend was a big one for us, as we spent it in San Diego at the beach.  I think we were all in need of a little R and R, and it was also the babies very first time at the beach.

San Diego just seemed like the perfect location for a little getaway.  It was about a six-hour drive and the babies were amazing on the drive there.  The both napped well in the car and happily chatted and played in the back seat, it was awesome!  We left super early so that we would have time to play once we arrived, and the little guy was so excited to go to the beach.  We stayed at the Ocean Park Inn on Pacific Beach, which was super convenient as it was right on the water.  They also were very accommodating and set up a crib in the room for us.  The view from our room was pretty sweet as well.

We immediately changed and went down to the beach, to introduce the babies to the ocean.  Our little guy loved it immediately and went happily charging towards the water with his dad.  The little lady was a bit more cautious, preferring to play on the sand that first day.

After spending a couple of hours at the beach, we went back to the room to freshen up, then headed to dinner at a nearby restaurant.  Dinner ended up being a very rushed affair, the kids were still a bit amped up and not in the mood for sitting and leisurely eating.  I actually headed back to the hotel with the little guy before we were done, because he was just getting too antsy at the table.  This ended up being quite the serendipitous move because it meant that we walked by a fire station right as one of the firemen were working on the truck.  He stopped to tell my dude all about the fire trucks and even let him stand on the bumper.  My little dude was in total three-year-old heaven.

When we all got back to the room, it was about baby bedtime and the hubs jumped on getting the babes to bed.  I took this opportunity to meditate and then watch the sunset on the beach.  It was a beautiful evening and was a perfectly serene moment for me.

Once the babies were asleep, the hubs and I enjoyed our balcony.  The area we were in had quite the happening nightlife, so we had a great spot for people watching as we relaxed and listened to the ocean.

The next morning, we were up bright and early for a quick breakfast at the hotel.  You never know if the babies are going to dig into their meals or pick at it, so I love when meals are included.  I had oatmeal with peanut butter and strawberries.  With one egg on the side (note there are two in the picture, my little guy claimed one as his own).

We then went on a long (close to two hours) walk along the boardwalk.  It was an absolutely beautiful morning and fun to check out all the beach happenings, restaurants, and stores.  

We then went back to the room to get ready, before heading back out for a day on the beach and playing in the surf.  Being so close to the water was awesome, as we were able to easily head back to the room for nap time (all four of us laid down to rest, it was glorious), and head right back to the beach afterward.

We decided to order in for dinner, rather than going out with the babies on a busy Saturday night.  I was excited to check out Postmates (it is not available in Tucson) and to order some delicious Seasons 52.  Unfortunately, Seasons 52 was too busy for takeout orders.  It was getting late, so we ended up just ordering to go from a restaurant next door, which ended up being a satisfying meal for all.  I indulged in the Kobe sliders and fries, which hit the spot.

Sunday morning, we got up and hung out for a while.  Had a leisurely breakfast and soaked up the last of our beach time, before heading home.  We took our time coming home and made a long lunch stop at Chuckie Cheese to let the kids get some energy out.

All and all it was a wonderful trip.

Bonus traveling with kids hack!  The kiddos were having trouble sleeping in the hotel, so the hubs put the radio onto an empty station, the static (at a low volume) was the perfect white noise, he is a genius!

How has your week been so far?  Any recent trips or upcoming travel plans?  If you live in an area with Postmates, how do you like it?  I was pretty bummed it didn’t work out for us.

Hope you have a great day!


34 thoughts on “Babies and the beach 

  1. Right now the beach sounds wonderful. Been a bad week and playing in the sand and water and eating some wonderful food I didn’t prepare sounds perfect.

  2. It sounds like you and the family had a great weekend trip! Being close to the ocean seems like it worked out perfectly for you all. At the end of October, my boyfriend and I are going to Knoxville, Tennessee to visit his best friend. I’m so excited because my boyfriend is convinced we are going to Chicago, where I’m from and my parents live, for something. I’ve been keeping the secret for months and it’s almost time to tell him.

    Have a great day 🙂

  3. I love a good beach weekend! Looks like a great mix of family time and relaxation 🙂 Your husband is one smart guy!
    I’m looking forward to fall and all the fun activities we’re planning!

  4. I have to admit, I’m pretty jealous. We took our kids to the beach this year and it was our youngest’s first time. She HATED it! I spent the majority of the time in the room (first floor, three blocks from the beach) watching tv while she napped and playing on the yucky carpet when she woke up. I’m so glad you and your family had a great time!

    1. Oh no, I’m sorry she didn’t like it, that is rough. I was afraid our little one wouldn’t be a fan, but she ended up really liking the sand. Hope you guys can have a make up trip sometime.

  5. This sounds like such a great get-away!! The beach is the best. Everyone’s mad it’s still warm on the east coast and not fall weather, but I’m headed to Delaware for the weekend and hoping the warm weather lasts just a few more days so I can make it to the beach 😉

    1. Lol, I had heard there has been a bit of an East coast heat wave. I will keep my fingers crossed you get to enjoy a few more warm beach days before it cools
      off. Hope you have a great day!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! And awesome that your kiddos were so cooperative with new stuff like that 🙂 One never knows how little ones are going to react to the beach. My son wasn’t too sure of the sand and water at first but grew to love it. I’m sure your little girl will get there in time 🙂

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