Weekend recap – Adventures in eating and leggings wearing 

Hey!  Welcome to the blog today, it is always so good to see you!  How was your weekend?  Ours was good, pretty jam-packed with little adventures.  On most of Saturday and Sunday, we had back to back activities, starting with a workout, and no time to change after.  So much of both days were spent in leggings and in need of a shower.

Friday evening, in honor of it being Friday the 13th, the hubs and I decided to watch a horror movie after the kids went to bed.  I made us a little snacky plate and we picked “The Midnight Meat Train”  out of the selection on Netflix.  We picked it because it was one we had not seen before and Bradley Cooper was in it.  It was just okay though.

We also gave the kitchen a deep cleaning (yeah grown up Friday nights).  Which was super rewarding and nice to wake up to Saturday.

Saturday was a go, go, go kind of day, but started in such a nice leisurely way.  The hubs jumped up when the kids woke up, and I laid in bed and dozed for another 45 minutes or so, it was amazing (thanks, hubs).

When I did get up, I made a big breakfast and worked on some recipes (coming soon).  Then it was off to teach my class and for the little guy to start t-ball with his Itty Bitty group.  After class, we headed straight to the birthday party of our friend’s child.  They had a party at the park with a jumping castle and went with a Harry Potter theme.  Check out this amazing cake!  The spider was made out of Rice Krispies treat.

All the decorations were just awesome.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on chores and grocery shopping before I finally got out of my leggings and into the shower to get ready for a girls night with a friend.  We went to an art show downtown. It was very unique and fun to check out all of the fairly random pieces in the show.

Afterwards, we went for drinks and snacks before calling it an early night.  I love a good charcuterie board and this one definitely did not disappoint.  We also tried some Thai curry shrimp, which were pretty tasty as well.

Sunday morning the little guy and I did some baking and then I headed out to an Orangetheory class.  It was a strength day, which I love.  I really focused on form and trying out some heavier weights, it felt great and I can definitely feel the extra work in my shoulders already.
After class, I immediately met back up with the fam for some quick errands before heading to book club.  So you know, more time in leggings and in need of a shower.

We went to a restaurant called Oink Cafe for brunch, which specializes in bacon.  It was packed!  I was feeling lunch, so went with a Cobb salad.

I couldn’t resist trying one of their maple bacon donut holes and bringing some home for my little family.  I love that sweet/salty combo, they were so good!

The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing at home.  We made some soup, did some laundry and relaxed before the week.  It was a perfect end to a busy weekend.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  Any big plans for the week?

Hope you have a great day!


34 thoughts on “Weekend recap – Adventures in eating and leggings wearing 

  1. You had a delicious weekend!! lol That cake is super creepy and amazing, but I’ve got my eye at the incredible looking cob salad!!!

  2. Love the Harry Potter themed party! How fun!!
    And that cobb salad looks delicious – what a cool name for a restaurant 😉
    Can’t wait to see your new recipes!

  3. Wow, those donut holes look amazing!! I love how you balance mom responsibilities while taking time for yourself too (girls’ night, orange theory, book club, etc). That cake looks like it was crafted by a Food Network show. What a fun weekend!

  4. Sounds like a fun and productive weekend. Yay for sleeping in! Also, I wish I was at that Harry Potter birthday party. It looks awesome!

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