WIAW + a peek at my weekly workouts

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Happy hump day friends! Hope you are having a great day.  This week has just been flying by for me.  The babies have picture day this week, and it has been so busy I almost forgot, thank goodness for my planner and reminders from their teachers.

Today I am sharing a day in eats (this was Monday), and since I always love seeing what kind of workouts people do, I thought I would share my workouts from last week.  I included teaching class, but I consider this more like half a workout.  I definitely get a lot of movement in during class and demonstrate or lead exercises, but I use lighter weights than I would for my own strength workouts.  Also, I spend a good chunk of time walking around and providing alternate moves, so I’m definitely not doing as much as my participants are.  So days like Saturday, were I only taught my class, I would consider an active rest day.

First up, eats:

The morning started with coffee, as well as water with lemon juice, lime juice, chia seeds and stevia.  I have been drinking this for years and think I got it from Oh She Glows.  I love it, but I definitely get some strange looks when drinking it at the gym.

After class, I had a piece of green chile cauliflower frittata (recipe tomorrow) with bacon and clementines.  It was a satisfying breakfast that kept me full all morning.

Lunch was a salad with more leftover bacon and chicken, with a square of dark chocolate on the side and a tangerine La Croix.  Speaking of La Croix, I have not been able to find the mango one recently.  I think it may have been seasonal and wish I had stocked up.  Has anyone seen it anywhere recently?

I was feeling a bit peckish in the afternoon, so I had a Blueberry RX Bar (favorite flavor) and an apple.

Dinner was bean and squash tostadas.
Followed by a couple handfuls of candy corn and peanuts for dessert.  I just love that sweet/salty combo!

Now onto workouts from last week, I would say this is a fairly typical week for me.

Monday: Teach class + 1-mile walk

Tuesday: Orangetheory

Wednesday: Teach class + 40-minute elliptical

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Teach class + 30-minute elliptical

Saturday: Teach class

Sunday: Orangetheory + 15 minutes restorative yoga at home

Now that I have shared my recent eats and workouts, tell me what you have been up to.  What meals or workouts have you been enjoying recently?  How many days a week do you typically workout?

Hope you have a wonderful day!


22 thoughts on “WIAW + a peek at my weekly workouts

    1. They do absorb water, so for a drink I’ll use like a tablespoon or so in a bottle of water (I think that bottle is 32oz). At that ratio it doesn’t really thicken it. I make chia pudding a lot with almond milk and chia and that gets really thick, but it’s a lot less liquid. Thanks!

      1. Interesting! I always use them in overnight oats and between the chia seeds and the oats, it just super thick. Chia pudding is on my ever growing list of recipes to try. I’ll get to it one day.

        Have a great day 🙂

  1. Great job with your workouts! That frittata looks delicious.
    I’ve been rocking out my BBG workouts and yesterday I did a slow 4 mile run!

  2. This week has gone by so fast for me too! I had two breakfast dishes for dinner last night– recipes I am working on for the blog.

  3. You have me very inspired to get my move on! I walk and chase after my toddler, but I love going to fitness classes. I always leave feeling amazing, but these days I have not had the time! I love the idea of adding chia seeds to my water! I am doing that in the morning! That is a great tip.

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