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Hey guys.  How’s it going?  I recently finished reading Body Love, and since a few of you were interested in this book, I thought I would share some thoughts on it.

I also wanted to check in and do a little catching up.  How have you been? What’s new in your world?  Over here, we are keeping pretty busy.  I have been working and teaching, and am in the middle of Orangetheory’s Hell Week, which has been fun but very challenging.  Tuesday’s workout involved about 22 minutes of almost straight rowing and TONS of burpees, so there was definitely a couple of what have I signed myself up for moments.  It was a great feeling of accomplishment at the end though.

Otherwise, we are getting excited about Halloween.  I have always loved Halloween.  We don’t have a party or anything this year, so I probably won’t dress up, but usually, I love planning costumes for the whole family.  This year has been especially fun because the kids are super into Halloween decorations and knew what they wanted to dress up as.  I can’t wait to take them trick or treating.

Now on to the book, Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever.

As I mentioned earlier, I finished reading Body Love not too long ago.  Overall, I thought it was a great read.  It is conversational and flows well, so it can be read pretty quickly.  I really liked that she focuses not just on food or working out, but on total well-being.  She gives a lot of tips on good sleep, taking care of your hormones,  reducing stress, and even on a healthy sex life and its contributions to overall health.

I really enjoyed the focus on what she calls the “Fab Four,” which are quality protein, fat, fiber, and greens.  I do find that I feel best when I am getting a good amount of these types of food in each day.  While reading it I tried a lot of her smoothie recipes and tried to structure my meals using the guidelines she gave.   Though I did not cut back on gluten, dairy or fruit, which are things she discusses in the book.

I did enjoy her recipes though and will keep the guidelines from the book in mind going forward.  Jumping back to the smoothies for a moment, a lot of the smoothie recipes are no fruit, which I was a little eh about, but they were delicious and I will definitely keep some of them in the rotation going forward.

I also really liked that instead of a formal plan, it is more guidelines for eating.  Which seems to encourage more of a healthy lifestyle, rather than a diet.

My takeaway was that it was useful information in an easy to digest format.  I feel like I learned some new things and picked up a couple nutritious new options to add to my go tos.  There are some things suggested or discussed in the book that didn’t feel quite right for me though.  For example, the book encourages three meals a day and no or limited snacks.  I am active at multiple points throughout the day and find that I feel best eating 4-5 times a day.   That may be more of a to each their own type of thing though,  I don’t really believe in a one size fits all approach to food. I do enjoy learning about nutrition and food ideologies and like to take what works for me from it, and leave behind what doesn’t really work for me.

*Note:  I am not a dietitian or nutritionist, these are only my thoughts after reading this book.  If you need assistance with nutrition or have diet-related concerns, I would suggest contacting a Registered Dietitian.

So tell me friends what’s new in your life? Have you read Body Love?  While we are chatting, is there anything you like to see more of on Pizza & Pull-Ups (types of posts, etc).

Hope you have a great day!


29 thoughts on “Check in + Thoughts on Body Love 

  1. Great review. I’ve been wondering about this book. I am with you on the snacks! What is the deal with everyone hating on snacks these days? I get when people over do it and over eat but I cannot eat enough calories in 3 meals a day. I would be at 1200-1400 calories a day if I did that. Just my thoughts.

  2. I hadn’t heard of this book but it sounds good! A smoothie with no fruit seems a little weird to be but the one you shared a picture of looks tasty. I would not be able to get the necessary food I need without snacks. I feel like there’s a difference between needing a snack and just snacking because you’re bored. If you have a busy life snacks are necessary in my opinion.

    1. I thought it would be weird too, but the ones I tried were really good. That’s a mocha one. That is a good point, I have definitely snacked out of stress or boredom before, but usually it’s because I’m actually hungry and need a little food.

      1. I think snacking because you need a little food is healthier than waiting to eat a meal. Granted I have no health or nutrition background so it’s more so an opinion than a fact.

  3. I’ve been looking to read a book about self-love, loving the body, etc., so I may have to check this one out! Thanks

  4. This is a good review, I am all for healthy living but as busy as life gets sometimes the only real meal I have sometimes ends up being a snack haha smoothies have fruits, a mixture of them lol , good read.

  5. “Tuesday’s workout involved about 22 minutes of almost straight rowing and TONS of burpees[…]” – YOU GO GIRL!
    Recently, my husband and I started the Keto diet. We love it! It drives you to stay disciplined with what you put in your body! We have also started working out again…should have never stopped! 🙂 Although I didn’t need to lose weight, I can feel my body becoming stronger and healthier. I feel happier and have more energy (the most important aspect of a healthy life)!

  6. Go you on dominating hell week! 🙂

    This sounds like an interesting book. I like that it’s not JUST about food and exercise, but all the things that make you a healthy person.

    Not much new with me. I’m going to an amusement park this weekend for their Halloween Haunt. Should be fun!


  7. I read that book at my local library and really appreciate her thought process and body love encouragement! 22 minutes of straight rowing? Yowza, you’re going to love the next 2-3 day burn in your arms. 🙂

  8. I haven’t read the book, but I can say that as I get older I learn to love this body more. I’ll never be a svelte 20 year old again, but I’m determined to be the best 55 year old I can be. I can walk. My arms can lift grandkids. My eyes take in the world. My lap can hold babies. And I can live my life with joy. So many years wasted hating the healthy body God grace me with. That’s body love. ❤️

  9. I’m really curious as to what’s in that smoothie if there’s no fruit! That book looks really interesting. I actually don’t snack at all and have been wondering if I should! I don’t have the best relationship with food, so I might check it out!

    1. The smoothies follow the Fab Four idea of protein, fat, fiber and greens. So there might be spinach or kale, avocado, chia, protein powder, etc. That one in the picture was a mocha variety.

  10. That book sounds really interesting!! I may have to look into reading it soon. I am currently planning my wedding, which has been going very well lately. Halloween is so much fun! I love seeing all the kids in their costumes.

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