Happy Halloween + Vox Box review 

Happy Halloween!!!!! I am so excited for candy, fun and cute baby costumes today.   An added Halloween bonus, it is actually feeling a bit fall-ish, we had some clouds last night and a little chill in the air.

How was your Monday?  I woke up with some sore leggies.  I felt great after Orangetheory on Sunday, but apparently, all those squats and burpees had caught up with me by Monday.  I took it pretty easy and did some gentle yoga, which helped a bit.

Last week I received a box of goodies from my friends over at Influenster.   These products were provided free for me to test out.

As I have shared before, I love fun mail and trying out new things, so I was pretty excited to see what they had in store for me.

The first items I barely got to try before the kids gobbled them up.  I have actually had these Welch’s fruit rolls before.  They are tasty and make me feel very nostalgic for my elementary school days and having these kinds of treats at recess.  The babies were huge fans of all three flavors.

I was super excited about this nail polish, particularly right before Halloween, because it glows in the dark.  I really wanted to snag a picture of the glow, but couldn’t really capture it.  It does work though and even three days post manicure still has a noticeable glow in a dark room.  It also goes on pretty clear so it would make a great top coat with a little built-in after dark flair.

I was also pretty excited to see a sampler of Numi tea in the box.  While coffee is always how I like to start my day, I tend to drink more tea later in the day, especially as the weather cools.  I drink Numi’s Gunpowder Green tea pretty regularly and am loving trying out some of their other varieties.

There were also some fun beauty and skin care goodies that I am looking forward to trying out.  I was especially excited about the fake lashes.  I rarely have the opportunity to get super dolled up these days, but love the look of lashes for a big night out or event.  I am hoping that I can find an excuse to get dressed up and rock them soon.


I am also pretty excited to try out this cleanser, I love that it is free from sulfates, alcohol, and fragrance.  I have fairly sensitive skin, so it is always nice to come across gentle and affordable products.



So friends, what are you doing for Halloween?  Do you dress up?  What is your favorite Halloween candy?  I have always been partial to Almond Joys, but I think the fun size Reese’s cups are probably my favorite.  They have the perfect chocolate to peanut butter ratio.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and holiday!


34 thoughts on “Happy Halloween + Vox Box review 

  1. The nail polish is perfect for Halloween! You’ll have to put on another layer before going trick or treating tonight. My Halloween will probably be like any other night. I have no idea if the kids in my apartment building trick or treat so I may be running out to get last minute candy lol. Happy Halloween!

    1. I was so excited to try it out for Halloween, my nails are still glowing this am, I am super impressed with how long it has lasted. It’s always so hard to know if you will get trick or treaters in a new place. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Love the nail polish, so fun!! When do kids start getting excited about Halloween, like 2 1/2 or 3 yrs old? I love this one year old stage, but can’t wait to REALLY celebrate the holidays with our little guy and see his excitement 🙂 Happy Halloween!

    1. Happy Halloween to you lady!! Our older one is three and our little one will be two next month and they are super into it. I think the little one is following her brother’s lead though. Last year, our little guy enjoyed it and got trick or treating, but this was the first year he knew what he wanted to be and was into all the decorations and stuff.

  3. Happy Halloween and have fun getting all that candy. You box looks like it was full of great things to eat and use.

  4. Unfortunately, I am going to class on Halloween – the usual. Ideally, I would love to go to my Church in my hometown and help out at their Trunk or Treat; I love giving out candy to kids!

  5. I’m definitely dressed up today! Details in tomorrow’s post 😉 My love for Halloween candy is unprecedented…I’m not picky at all!

    1. Thanks! I always struggle a bit if I had planned a particular type of workout and then don’t feel up to it, but I am trying to focus more on what my body needs. Hope you have a great day!

  6. Man, why wasn’t I selected for that Vox Box?! That looks like such a good one! My daughter would have loved the fruit roll. For Halloween, I’ll be doing some skull makeup on my self 🙂

  7. What a great VoxBox! I love the full sized face wash! So many different things in this box – really fun! The nail polish also looks perfect for Halloween!

  8. Halloween candy favorites are pixie sticks and smarties…super nostalgic. No dressing up for me this year. A few employees did at my physical therapy this morning which definitely put a smile on my face. I actually quit my job today so I am trying to put it out there that although I am a degrees chemist with 16 years of engineer experience I am looking for a fresh start at something completely new. And Halloween is the day to be whatever you want right!

  9. Ohhh what a fun box! Those teas look lovely and those lashes are legit! Once upon a time I put on fake lashes for a regular Friday night out… sigh. :-))))

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