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Happy Friday! How has your week been? Are you all ready for the weekend?  I am a little in shock that it is November already.  I feel like this year has just blown by.  This week also blew by, Halloween was a blast and then we have had a lot going on at work, so it has been busy.

In usual fashion, let’s talk favorites from the week.  Lots of foodie faves this week.  We enjoyed a couple of Blue Aprons, which were delicious, I especially liked the chicken with hot honey.  The hot honey was just honey with crushed red pepper mixed in, but it added so much flavor to the dish.  I will definitely be making this again in the future.

Halloween was also a day of lots of food, candy, and fun.  The kids had a parade a school, which was just adorable and so fun to get to attend.  They were just so cute and excited to line up in their costumes.  Then in the evening we had pizza, and trick or treated.  How cute is this pumpkin pizza the hubs picked up?  I didn’t dress up, did use Halloween as a reason to rock my sugar skull flats.

On the workout front, it was a pretty mild week, partially because it was a busy week and partially because I needed a little extra rest after Hell well.  I did get in some shorter yoga sessions though, a couple cardio sessions and a swim.  The swim I was most excited about.  I hadn’t swum laps in probably around a year and really enjoyed it. I was on swim teams while growing up and find swimming laps to be the perfect thing to calm my mind,  it’s also a great workout!

I tried out this face mask earlier in the week and love it!  It is warming and left my skin moisturized and feeling awesome.  It’s on the pricey side so I will be keeping an eye out for when it goes on sale.

I am also still loving my goodies from Influenster, that I talked about on Tuesday, my nails are still glowing in the dark almost a week later.

Around the web:

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I love Thanksgiving and can’t wait to try out some of these recipes.

This article about career journaling was interesting and looks like a great way to really get focused on your goals.

Lots of feels while reading Susie’s post on Dealing with Negative Pregnancy Body Image.

This weekend I am looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend before we dive headfirst into the hustle and bustle of the season.  I am hoping to get some good workouts in and get some healthy eats in after what has been a very indulgent week. If you are also looking for something light and healthy to eat after Halloween, may I suggest my Jerk shrimp lettuce wraps with plantains?

What are your plans for the weekend?  Tell me about one of your highlights from the week.

Hope you have an awesome weekend, I will see ya Monday!


31 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I haven’t been swimming (in a pool) in ages! Swimming laps is a great workout…how do you beat boredom though?? I need my music!
    Love Blue Apron meals! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

    1. I do miss music in the pool, but I usually think to go when I am stressed, so it’s an almost meditative workout for me. Towards the end I did start focusing on sprints though, which made it a little more interesting. Hope you have an awesome weekend as well!

  2. Sounds like a good week! I wish I was comfortable swimming for exercise– I’ve never really done it so I feel like I need an assist and a new suit. 🙂
    Cute shoes!

  3. The hot honey sounds amazing! I definitely need to try that out sometime. Major props to you for swimming laps as a workout. I can swim to save my life and took lessons for years but would much rather be on land than in water for a workout.

  4. I swam growing up too – I would love to get back in the pool. I don’t know why I never think of that for workouts! Happy weekend!

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