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Happy Tuesday!  While it is only just starting to cool off here in Arizona, I have some cooler weather travel coming up and have been in the mood for some fall fashion recently.  I have also been cleaning out closets and have come to the realization that my wardrobe is in desperate need of a little fall upgrade.  With pregnancies over the last few years and being on a tighter budget while the hubs was in school, I had done pretty minimal shopping and a lot of my regular rotation pieces were looking a little worn out.  So I decided to treat myself to a box from Stitch Fix last week and could not be happier with it!

It had been a couple of years since I had last ordered one and I had forgotten how much I love getting a box of curated goodies.  I feel like they always send me pieces I would not have considered on my own, that end up being favorite clothing items.

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With this box, I was super specific about what I wanted.  I specified that I needed jeans or leggings that would look good with booties for the fall.  I also mentioned that I wanted a go with everything cardigan and other pieces that mix and match well.  I also specified no dry clean only items (no time for that) and that I wanted to keep the total price point for all items under $200.  If you have a specific budget you are working in, I would really suggest letting them know.

Now, let’s take a look at the Fix:

These two items were my absolute favorites.  This top is beautiful, and a nice silky material.  It will look great under cardigans this fall, and on its own in the spring.  I tend to wear a lot of dark, solid colors in the fall and winter.  I feel like this will be a nice, feminine touch to compliment my go-to dark sweaters and jeans.


These jeans look like a fitted pair of dark wash skinny jeans but actually have an elastic waist. I’ll be honest, when I first opened this box, that was a bit of a turnoff.  It kind of reminded me of the waist of maternity jeans.  But when I tried them on, I was in love.  These pants look just like jeans but have enough stretch to feel like I am wearing leggings.  I jokingly told the hubs that these would be my Thanksgiving pants as I tried them on.


I also loved this flannel top.  It is a super light and silky fabric that could easily be dressed up or down.  I see this being a favorite to wear to work this fall.

IMG_4147 - Copy

My fix also included a pair of high waist black leggings and a black cardigan, both of which are super comfortable, staple items that I am sure will get lots of wear.  They were less exciting items for me, mainly because I usually go pretty cheap for those kinds of items (nothing wrong with Target leggings).  They were worth keeping though because, with the discount Stitch Fix offers for keeping all five items, it was only $12.00 more to keep them, which is a steal!

IMG_4145 (1)

All in all, I think my stylist, Jen,  did an amazing job!  I loved the items in this box and the total for all five items came in at just under $190.00 (including tax) with the discount for keeping all five items (if you are new to Stitch Fix, you get 25% off the Fix if you keep all five items).

This post is not sponsored, but I am a Stitch Fix affiliate, which means I can earn a small amount if you choose to place an order or make a purchase using links I provide.  I only share brands and products I am a fan of and always appreciate your support.

Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself? Click here-> Now you can have your own personal stylist!

Have you tried Stitch Fix before?  Are you more of an online or in-store shopper?  I have never been a huge shopper, so I love finding stuff online.  Also, now with the kids, it just tends to be easier.

Hope you have a great day!




33 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review

  1. I love how specific you were with what you wanted – I’ve dont Stitch Fix a few times, but was never that specific, so wound up with a couple of things I loved and others that I really didn’t need. Also SO smart to specify no dry clean items!! I am definitely going to do that next time!

    1. Thanks! The first couple I ordered I was less specific about, but I have found that being specific about how I like things to fit and what I need makes such a huge difference.

    1. It is super easy to send things back or exchange them, but I can understand that, it is also nice to try in store and know it fits perfectly before buying. More than anything, I like having someone else pick out clothes for me, it has definitely introduced me to brands I was not familiar with before.

    1. If you decide to try it and know of particular brands that fit you really well, letting them know helps I think. I know that Kut from the Kloth pants fit me really well, so I always specify that I like that brand or similar cuts. Where do you like to shop?

  2. Both those tops look amazing! I’ve been searching around for a new long sleeve plaid shirt for this season and that’s the exact color I love to wear. The floral print is a really beautiful print too, I agree that it would work so well all year round!

  3. This is so funny – I just signed up for another Stitch Fix box after a year of not getting one. I need a dress for a Christmas party next month! Love that plaid top and those Liverpool pants. I have a few of those – they’re so comfy!!

  4. Love the stretchy jeans – I think those are a total necessity! It’s not good to wear overly tight jeans – I’ve had patients who’ve literally passed out by wearing too tight clothing. Have a happy day!

  5. Omg I love Stitch Fix! I got it for almost a year, monthly, until I had to stop to save for our house. I think I would normally get 2-3 items per box, but there were definitely a few boxes where I loved it all. I HATE shopping, so it was perfect for me.

    1. It is a lot of fun, I have definitely been sent items that I would not have picked for myself, but ended up really liking. Especially accessories, I have gotten a couple really awesome necklaces I never would have thought to get on my own.

  6. I love Stitch Fix – I got the prettiest floral dress in my box this month that I’ve already worn several times! I’m laughing at your reaction to the elastic waist jeans – I would have been suspicious of them too, but it makes total sense for those days you’d rather be in leggings but need to look nice!

    1. Nice! It is so great to get a good find like that! They are awesome jeans, but my first reaction was totally maternity pants. It is nice to have a pair of pants that feel like leggings but look like jeans though.

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