Fit for Fall Circuit Workout

Hey Friend’s, happy Thursday!  How are you today?  A quick post today because I need to get packing.  I am off to Portland today!  I will be back here on the blog on Tuesday, but you can catch me on Instagram over the weekend.  I also wanted to take a moment to observe Veteran’s Day and Remembrance Day.  Thank you to those that have served.

Today I also have a workout to share, if completing four rounds this workout will take around 30 minutes.  You can also adjust the number of rounds, which makes it perfect for squeezing in a quick workout. As written, the only equipment needed is a set of dumbbells.  If you do not have any weights handy though, try the following substitutions:

Squats or squat jumps instead of the dumbbell swings

Push-ups in place of the chest press

Tricep dips instead of the tricep kickbacks

Fit for Fall

As always, feel free to modify as needed to meet your needs.

Any plans for the upcoming weekend?  Do you pack in advance or last-minute?  I am an advance planner in almost all areas of life but usually, wait until the night before or morning of to pack.

Hope you have an amazing rest of the week/weekend!  See you Tuesday!


34 thoughts on “Fit for Fall Circuit Workout

  1. This circuit looks like a great and quick workout so I’ll have to keep it in my mind since the holidays are coming up. I tend to pull out items I need in the days leading up to my trip but will actually put it in my suitcase the night before. Enjoy the trip Emily!

  2. Going to share this with my daughter who has been searching for a routine that would fit her and her schedule.

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