Weekend Recap – Birthday celebrations and all the food

Hey guys! How was your weekend?  We had a pretty family-focused weekend celebrating the little miss’ birthday.

Saturday morning I got up early and enjoyed this beautiful morning while going for an early jog.

I then went home and quickly got ready for our family outing.  We had initially planned to be out of town visiting family on Saturday but had to postpone.  Since we now had the morning free we decided to take the kids on a local adventure to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.  I had not been in probably twenty years or so and was really impressed with it.  As the name implies, it focuses on the plant and wildlife native to the Sonoran desert.  It was really informative and fun for all of us.  It’s a ways out of town, which made it kind of a drive to get there, but the views were amazing.

I especially enjoyed the cave exhibits, and we all had fun learning about bats.

The stingray exhibit (turns out Baja California is part of the Sonoran desert) was also a family fave.  It was really cool to be able to see them up close.

The desert museum took up the whole morning. So after naps, the afternoon was spent on chores and prepping for the little lady’s birthday brunch on Sunday.  Lots of quiche and Frittata was made and we engaged in the exhausting cycle of trying to clean while having little ones undo your progress as you go.

After the babes went to bed, I got a lot more cleaning done, while watching Get Out.   Sunday morning, I started the day with an at home barre workout.  The kiddos woke up when I was about halfway through and my son sat on the couch offering encouragement for the rest of my workout, which was pretty cute.  Then we got busy getting things ready for the birthday brunch.  It was a small family gathering to celebrate our little one. We had the quiches I made the night before, along with a cinnamon roll French toast bake and fruit.  We also had cake, because I felt that cake was necessary for a two-year-olds (or really, any) birthday, even if it is midday.

What’s missing from brunch? This delicious cinnamon maple delicata squash that I made for the occasion, but forgot to put out.    I was bummed that I forgot it, but am not bummed that there is plenty leftover for me to eat now.  I will share the recipe soon.

After the birthday brunch, we attempted naps and ran a few errands, before winding down Sunday with some Chinese takeout and a little yoga.  The Chinese takeout is apparently becoming a post-birthday party tradition.  The last time we got it was after the little guys birthday party last summer.

What did you do this weekend? Any fun adventures?  U.S. friends, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Hope you have a great day!


22 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Birthday celebrations and all the food

  1. What a pretty view to have on your jog! Beautiful!
    Did you guys get to touch the stingrays? I always find it oddly fascinating to do so lol. I love the idea of a birthday brunch, I’ll have to keep it in mind.

    For Thanksgiving, my bf and I are staying in NJ and celebrating with his family. In the morning we’re doing a 5k turkey trot since that’s my family’s tradition and I don’t want to give it up. Then in the afternoon we’ll head to his parents place for dinner.

    1. We did get to touch the stingrays, I never had before and it was awesome! My little guy loved it and was so gentle and patient waiting for them to swim by. Sounds like a great holiday plan, I have never done a turkey trot, I really need to make that happen sometime.

      1. It’s cool to touch an animal like that because you normally wouldn’t be able to! That’s awesome he loved it and wasn’t scared or anything. I highly recommend a turkey trot, they’re so fun!

  2. You squash looks like it turned out amazing!! Such a bummer about forgetting to put it out. I’ve been there though.
    Happy Thanksgiving week!

    1. Will do! It turned out great, I just had some of it with breakfast. We did, it was my first time getting to touch them and it was amazing how they would swim right up to us! Such a cool experience.

  3. Awe! Happy Birthday Little One!! <3 We also love getting take out after an event! It eases the dish burden! 🙂 This weekend was spent with a sweet girlfriend! We sell her hand-stamped jewelry to help support our ministry. It was a beautifully busy weekend!

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