Thanksgiving weekend recap

Hey guys!  How have you been?  How was your weekend? If you celebrated, what did you do for Thanksgiving?  It has been a busy few days, so instead of the normal weekend recap, I thought I would share my top 5 favorites from Thanksgiving and the weekend.

1. Thanksgiving celebration #1

We spent Thursday with my family and had the traditional Thanksgiving spread.  I got to eat all my holiday favorites, including my mom’s pecan pie. While it was fun to see everyone, it was an exhausting afternoon trying to corral the babes, who were way more interested in playing outside than in eating dinner. I expected my older one to be more into the big dinner since he had talked about it all week. He did still get down on the pumpkin pie though.

2. Thanksgiving numero dos

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my in-laws on Friday.  Since everyone had done a Thanksgiving the previous day, it was less traditional, with turkey sandwiches, stuffing balls, tamales and various goodies. So I naturally tried a little of everything.

3. All the baby snuggles.

No pictures of this one, but the kiddos were especially snuggly this weekend. It is always a treat when they want to sit together and look at books. With the Christmas tree up and twinkling next to us, it was just the sweetest series of moments.

4. Yoga workshop.

On Saturday, I went to a three-hour yoga workshop, it was everything I needed right now. We had a super sweaty two-hour power flow practice, followed by a tea break and Yoga Nidra, which is a sort of guided meditation. I felt so much lighter and relaxed.  I definitely need to refocus on practicing yoga and meditation more regularly, it really does make me feel more present and relaxed.  I was also so impressed with (and grateful for) the little extras the teacher included, such as the foot bath below, to use before entering the studio.

5. LEGOland Phoenix and family time.

We had wanted to take the babies to LEGOland in Phoenix for the little misses birthday last weekend but ended up waiting until this weekend so we could visit some family as well. We were a little concerned we had made a mistake when we first got to LEGOland. You have to watch a video and then go into another video simulation thing (about 10-15 minutes total) to enter, which the babes were not into at all. Fortunately, when we got in, it was blast. It is a smallish place, so perfect for toddlers. They loved the exhibits and rides

I was much more entertained by pretending to be an astronaut then my family was. After LEGOland land, we went to my grandparents for lunch and to hangout before heading home. It was so nice to catch up with them a bit. Also, grandma food is always the best food.

*Bonus favorite weekend thing.

Speaking of food. The hubs and I were on top of our leftover repurposing game this week.  I made turkey noodle soup, and while heating up leftovers, had the idea to make the hubs “Thanksgiving calzones” with crescent roll dough, turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Healthiest thing ever? No, but I think this kind of innovation is how I scored the hubs lol, he loved them.

How was your Thanksgiving and weekend? Do you partake in Black Friday shopping? I did not, but I did do a bit of online shopping this weekend. There were some great deals!

Hope you have a great day!


31 thoughts on “Thanksgiving weekend recap

    1. It was pretty fun. If you are going to the one in Phoenix (I don’t know about the big one in CA). You can buy discounted tickets in advance. I was able to get the adult tickets buy one get one free.

  1. Those are quite the Thanksgiving spreads! Wow!
    Looks like a great holiday weekend!
    I would love to go to a hot yoga workshop, I haven’t taken a class in forever..I need to get back on it!

  2. Legoland phoenix? Is the one at AZ mills? I haven’t been there but I have toured their sea life a few years ago…. save your money for a trip to the aquarium in California or something, not much to see at the mills 😝

  3. A three-hour yoga workshop is exactly what I need right now! I don’t know whether it’s the cold or my lack of stretching (or maybe a combo of both), but my muscles are KILLING me! Looks like you had a successful Thanksgiving!

  4. Sounds like a really great weekend! Full of fun, family, and food! I love that you did both a traditional and less traditional Thanksgiving!

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