2017 Holiday Gift Guide – A little something for everybody

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Hey friends!  Hows your week so far?  Normally I am a super early shopper, I am usually almost done Christmas shopping by around Thanksgiving.  But this year, not so much.  Since I am now in full on, get ready for the holiday mode, I thought I would share some gift ideas that might be just right for someone on your list.

If you are feeling crafty or want to go homemade:

These lavender lotion bars are super easy to make and are a lovely gift.  Since they are not liquid, they also ship well if you are mailing packages.


Food! Who doesn’t love homemade goodies?  My mom makes an awesome pistachio biscotti that I always love.  These candied pecans from Horne State of Mind would be a great one as well.

For the Fitness lover:

Cute water bottles.  I have a BKR water bottle that I adore.  These other ones look awesome as well.

Tiger Balm – This is a great little stocking stuffer, that can be such a relief on achy, sore muscles.

Boutique fitness gift cards – Is there a new yoga studio in town?  Maybe they love spin and you know a great studio?  It is always fun to try out new classes and studios, but especially smaller boutique or niche fitness places can get pricey.  Gift cards or class packages can be a great gift!

Gifts that keep on giving: 

It is no secret that I love getting goodies in the mail.  I also love gifting goodies.  There are oodles of subscription boxes out there, often ranging from a 1-time box to a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription.  A subscription box can be a gift that your loved one can keep enjoying into the new year.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Stitch Fix:  This is a great gift for your fashion loving gal or guy (they carry men’s clothes!).  A Stitch Fix gift card would also a great one for a new mom, that might need some new gear after baby, or anyone a little short on time.  I have received some of my favorite clothing items from Stitch Fix.

Love with Food: This is an easily gift-able subscription snack box that comes in a variety of sizes, and also has a gluten-free box available.  I currently have a subscription that I pay for.   I love the variety of healthier snacks they send.   There is always something I love, as well as fun goodies for the kids.


Ranger Rick kids magazine:  This one is for the littles!  Ranger Rick is a magazine about animals, that is delivered each month.  They have one for the 4 and under set, as well as one for older kids.  My brother and sister-in-law actually got this for my little guy last year, and he was always so excited when it came.  He loved getting mail and wanted to read his magazine immediately.

For the gentleman:

I don’t know why exactly, but I always struggle more picking out gifts for the hubs and the men in my life. Here are some ideas for the guys in your life:

What guy doesn’t need a classic polo shirt?

BBQ accessories are always a fun option.  The hubs got a pair of meat claws a few years ago, which are perfect for shredding smoked meats and BBQing.


The Hand Stuff is also a little goodie I have gotten the hubs before, it works great and smells really good too!

For the kiddos:

I like to go with the something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read concept when shopping for my babies. When shopping for other people’s kids, I usually go with what the parents suggest, or with books or quiet toys. Some of the babies favorite books they have received are:

This easel was also a big hit.

A baby microphone has been a big hit in our house.  While I would suggest making sure the parents don’t mind a loud toy, I personally have enjoyed our toddler performances.

Whats on your shopping list this year?  Are you an early shopper or more of a last minute shopper?

Hope you have a great day!


26 thoughts on “2017 Holiday Gift Guide – A little something for everybody

  1. These are great ideas! Boys/men are so hard to shop for! My younger brother’s birthday is 10 days before Christmas and I always struggle coming up with his gifts.

    Surprisingly I only have small things to pick up still so hopefully I’ll finish soon plus then making a few gifts.

    One thing I love is the Makeup Towel. I bought it as a gift for someone since I love mine so much. I think it would be perfect paired with a sheet mask or two from Target to a female in your life.

  2. Great list of ideas. I tend to struggle with the men in my life too… well everyone except my husband – he makes a wish list- very specific and super easy. But, like my father and father in law, grandads— I struggle like crazy. I really like your ideas, especially “The Hand Stuff” balm— my hubs would like that too. he’s a hands on worker and his hands really suffer with the cold weather.

  3. The snack box is totally something I would consider for myself haha. I have the same problem as Victoria: how do you buy for men?! No idea haha. Bbq-utensils would be a good idea for my boyfriend if we actually owned a bbq. (It rains a lot here, even in summer)

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