6 years ago today….

It was freezing cold and raining. It was also the day that the hubs and I made this thing official and tied the knot!


(photo credit: Jacob Chinn)

Normally I don’t post on the weekends, but being that it is our anniversary, I just couldn’t resist.  I just couldn’t let the day go by without getting a little publicly sappy.

This weekend we have been celebrating six years of marriage.  The last six years have held some low times, as well as some of the highest times in my life.  The constant has been the hubs.

The hubs is lots of things to me, but mainly my very best friend.  He understands me like no one else does, but more importantly, loves and supports me even when he doesn’t understand me.

An example of his awesome supportiveness? He reads this blog! Like every day!!! Which is pretty sweet, since ya know, he lives with me and already knows what I am up to.

Happy anniversary handsome, I couldn’t imagine a better partner in this crazy life we live.

Happy Sunday to all you lovelies! Thanks for taking this moment to celebrate with us.



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