Weekend Recap – All the eats and an anniversary

Hey friends! How was your weekend? Thank you for the well-wishes yesterday, we had a great anniversary.  It was a really fun weekend, jam-packed with a special date, adventures with friends, family time, and holiday decorating.

We kicked the weekend off right on Friday night with an anniversary date night. My mom kindly watched the babies so the hubs and I could enjoy a night out to celebrate. We started with a drink before having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Cafe Poca Cosa.

I got the Plato Poca Cosa, which is basically where the chef picks three items for you. I ended up with a citrusy chicken, shredded, spiced beef and a green corn tamale pie with a carrot sauce, it was all delicious.

After dinner, we briefly considered staying out but decided to go home to hang out instead.  It was a good call, we were both pretty tired and only made a half-hearted effort to watch a show before calling it a night.

On Saturday, the hubs and I both slept in (all the way to 7!) since the babies were still at my mom’s. The hubs picked them up while I went to teach my class. We then all had lunch together and hung out for a bit before the hubs headed to an event and the babes and I went to a friend’s house for a playdate and dinner. I had an awesome time catching up with friends while the babies ran around and played with their kids. We also had some delicious tacos! By the time we got home, the babies were wiped out and went to bed fairly quickly.

After the babies were tucked in bed, an old friend came over to visit, and we ended up stayed up way later than this early bird is used to. Even with the little miss deciding we should get up at 5am Sunday, it was totally worth being tired to enjoy my friend date. There is nothing like catching up with an old friend. I set out some snacks for the evening.   The nut tray was actually a recent gift from my mom and hoping to get lots of use out of it this holiday season.

Sunday morning I had planned to hit up an Orangetheory class but was feeling kind of under the weather, so I decided to hold off on it and do an at-home barre workout instead.

The rest of day was spent relaxing and enjoying some family time. The kids made some snowman decorations. The hubs hung Christmas lights, and I made a ton of cookies for my work cookie exchange tomorrow.

While not feeling well Sunday was a bummer, it did make me slow down and relax a bit. Overall it was a wonderful weekend full of friends, family, and love. I was so happy to have our dinner out to celebrate our anniversary, as well as some more loungy family time on Sunday.

So tell me about your weekend?  What did you do? Do you ever workout when you are sick? I don’t workout if I am really sick. But if I have a minor cold or something I usually try to go with a less intense workout, I always feel best if I got at least a little movement in

Hope you have a great day!


19 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – All the eats and an anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary! Anniversary dates are the best! That food looks simply amazing!! <3 I hope you are feeling better! This weekend, we took it easy. We slowly worked on home projects which made for a more stress free time! 🙂

  2. Your anniversary dinner sounds AMAZING! I want all of that food right now (currently starving so maybe that’s why lol). I think staying up late to catch up with friends is worth it! Hope you feel more well rested today.

  3. I’m not great at exercising everyday, so I’d probably skip it if I was sick, but sometimes moving around does help. I guess it depends on HOW I’m feeling and where the sickness is coming from – aka head or stomach, etc. I’m glad you had a nice dinner out Friday! And yay for a friend date. 🙂


    1. Thank you! Hope you had a nice weekend as well. It definitely depends on how you are feeling. A mild head cold, I still like to move a bit. If it’s a stomach bug, no way.

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