Friday Favorites – 12/8/17

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Happy, happy Friday! How was your week? Any big weekend plans? I have book club this weekend and am hoping to get some cleaning in between activities with the kiddos. I also want to work on some planned posts, I have a recipe and a holiday-themed workout I’d love to share with you guys soon!

Before we get to the weekend, let’s talk favorites. I love taking a moment to reflect on Fridays on the highlights from the week.

First up, this little cutie turned 10 yesterday!  I can’t believe it.  He has been the best little friend and fur baby a girl could ask for and has always been right there when I needed him.  Moglei is still the sweetest little guy and we enjoyed showering him with extra treats and attention to celebrate his big day.

Earlier this week we had a cookie exchange at work. I love baking, so it was fun to prepare and helped me get more into the holiday spirit (I had felt a little blindsided by it being December already). I tried to stick to only sampling the goodies that really spoke to me, and the fam loved digging into the rest.

Friend dates!

I always love an excuse to catch up with friends. I had a Chipotle lunch date with a friend and her adorable little baby this week.

I also met a friend to see Ladybird on Wednesday night, which I really enjoyed.

On a whim, I bought the babies Advent calendars this year. Which they love (who doesn’t like a daily chocolate), it has also been a fun way to practice number recognition with them. I picked these ones up at TJs for only .99 each.

I have also been admiring some sweet, baby twinkle toes this week. As it’s cooled off, the little miss has been rocking these slippers. I can’t help but smile every time I see her in them.

I feel like I have to include this popcorn because I have had a bag almost every day this week. It is so good! I found the individual bags at Fry’s but you can also get them at Target, or of course, Amazon.

On the workout front, it’s been a pretty mild week while I have been getting over a cold.  I did get in a couple OrangeTheory classes though, including a rowing heavy one that I really loved.  I also completed a couple shorter cardio and stretch sessions, as well as my usual teaching schedule.

Online this week:

I saw these Goldfish Cracker Christmas trees at Carter’s Cozy Nest and thought they were just so cute.  I think this would be a perfect little craft to do with the babies.

This letter about being brave, written by Corey at the Nostalgia Diaries to her daughter, was just so beautiful.

Questions: What are you loving this week?  Any big plans for the weekend?  Kind of random, but have you tried Buti Yoga?  It looks like an integrated movement/dance yoga, I really want to try it out.

Hope you have a great weekend!


35 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 12/8/17

  1. A cookie exchange sounds like a fun break in the normal work day. I love that you’re using the Advent calendars as a teaching tool instead of just here’s your daily chocolate tool. Plus at 99 cents, that’s unbeatable!

    1. Thanks, we try to fit in learning opportunities where we can. I always loved advent calendars as a kid, so I was excited to continue the tradition. Hope you have a great weekend Maureen!

  2. Happy Friday and happy 10th birthday to your fur baby! His name is pretty awesome by the way. Friend dates are always the best and a great time to catch-up. Those little slippers are adorable! I hope you have a nice weekend! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  3. I have not tried Buti Yoga, but it sounds fun! Right now I’m still very much a yoga newbie. I’m glad you liked Lady Bird!! I’m so curious about. I’m doing some fun Christmas things tomorrow and then Sunday will probably be mostly just hanging out and trying to schedule ahead on blog posts! lol


    1. I thought the movie was really well done. I went to high school at the same time the movie is set, and I thought they captured that timeframe well. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Now you have me wanting to set up a cookie exchange with my friends…and go see Lady Bird… and workout. Nah, just kidding on the workout. Love the rundown.

  5. Her little slippers are adorable! I started a new job on Tuesday, I went out for lunch on Wednesday & Thursday an$ to my surprise found a ton of places to eat. At the end of the shopping center sits a Planet Fitness, it made me laugh. I also took it as a sign though.

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