Friday Favorites – 12/15/17

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Happy Friday Friends!  Sorry for the disappearing act yesterday.  I usually write my posts the night before, and we had a late night on Wednesday.  By the time we got home and got the kids to bed, I was zonked myself and ended up crashing out pretty quickly.

How has your week been?  It was a bit of a whirlwind over here, work has been crazy busy, and we have been trying to squeeze in the holiday fun where we can. Let’s started with holiday-related favorites this week, shall we?

On Wednesday we were out later because we met some friends for Zoolights, which is a beautiful light display at, you guessed it, the zoo each year. We all loved the lights. Also, the kids got to meet Santa and tell the big guy what they wanted for Christmas, which was so cute my momma heart about exploded. Also, we beelined to Santa when we got there and beat the crowd, thanks to my friend Amanda’s awesome quick thinking.

Today I have a work holiday party, and we are going to check out more Christmas lights this evening. I can’t wait for all the holiday festivities.

I started using this charcoal teeth whitener this week and am loving it so far. I feel like my teeth look immediately whiter and it doesn’t leave my teeth feeling sensitive like some whiteners can. Also, it’s a black powder, which is both kind of gross looking and kind of cool looking when you are brushing.  I got this in a FabFitFun Box a little while ago.  I tried to find it on Amazon, but surprisingly, could not find it there.

I also received a couple of items from ThredUP that I had recently ordered. A white shirt and blue sweater for me, and a dressy sweater for my little guy. I think all three were around $20 with a recent sale they were running, I love ThredUP, I have found so many great deals there.

I also relaxed with this face mask earlier this week and loved how dewy and soft my face felt afterward.

In workouts, we are officially in the super busy holiday season, so I am squeezing them in where I can. I managed to get my two Orangetheory classes in this week, though as you can see from this one on Tuesday, it was not my best performance. I feel better after my cold last week, but have a little lingering congestion and don’t quite have my endurance back.

Aside from Orangetheory I have been teaching my class per usual and have had some solid 20-30 minute workouts sprinkled in. I could definitely use some yoga in my life, and am hoping to hit up a class soon.

In online life:

I love this post about fighting fear and pursuing your dreams from Jessica at Overwhelmed to Fulfilled.

Kelli at Hungry Hobby continues to make things I really, really want to eat. How amazing do cranberry bliss bars these sound!?!

I have seen lots of amazing gift guides this year, but I love this one from Greatist for really out of the box gift ideas. The award ribbons cracked me up and who wouldn’t like some avocado soap?

So tell me friends, what are you loving this week? Any big plans for the weekend? We have a busy weekend on the horizon, including some holiday festivities, friend and family gatherings and a book club.

Hope you have a great one and see you on Monday!


28 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 12/15/17

  1. I love going to Zoo lights! I went last year on what I’m pretty sure was the last day for them. One thing I need to do soon is drive around to see more lights. I feel like I’ve barely seen them. Aside from resting I have dinner plans with a friend and his wife and a lunch outing on Sunday. Otherwise I plan on being in bed or on the couch to kick this cold.

  2. Going over try Orange Theory next week with a group from work and I’m all kinds of nervous about it. GOing to Ben a change from my tried and true elliptical routine.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one that crashed hard! There were a few nights like this for our family, recently! I’m going to have to try to find that charcoal teeth whitening powder! I’ve been in the market! <3 I hope your coming week is more restful!

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