Italian Seasoned Frittata (Vegetarian)

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Hey guys!  How’s it going?  I am pretty excited over here.  Today is my last day of work this YEAR, and I am looking forward to a little time off.  I have so many little projects that I am hoping to work on.  Not to mention some reading to do.  It is supposed to be pretty cold the next couple day (by Tucson standards at least) and I am looking forward to snuggling up and reading in the evenings.

Anyone else enjoying a little extra time off this holiday season?

While I have definitely been enjoying all the extra goodies recently, I find myself craving veggies and my usual proteins, so I have been trying to make sure I have healthy meal options on hand.  I love a good frittata, especially one that packs in some veggies.  I like knowing that I got some protein and veggies in with breakfast.  Also, it is easy to make a frittata on Sunday and have it on hand for a few weekday breakfasts, so perfect for meal prep.

This frittata packs some yummy, Italian inspired flavors with the Tuscan seasoning, garlic, parmesan and sun-dried tomatoes.  It also provides some veggies with the riced broccoli and cauliflower.  It is perfect on its own or paired with some toast and fruit for a more rounded breakfast.  Hope you enjoy!

Italian Seasoned Frittata


Directions:  Preheat oven to 375 and spray a pie pan with cooking spray.  Pour vegetables into pie pan.  In a separate bowl, beat eggs and then mix in all remaining ingredients.  Pour over vegetables into pie pan.  Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and parsley.  Bake approximately 40 minutes, until set and edges are just starting to brown.

So friends, tell me about your holiday plans.  Are you traveling, or enjoying some time at home?  Read any good books recently?

See you tomorrow for Friday favorites, hope you have a great day!


29 thoughts on “Italian Seasoned Frittata (Vegetarian)

  1. I was planning on making omelets on Christmas Eve (this is the first year in like 20 we have no Christmas Eve plans), but I think you swayed me over to the Frittata’s!

    1. I believe I got it at Safeway, Green Giant has a whole line of frozen riced veggies, they are super convenient. Trader Joe’s also has frozen riced cauliflower at a great rice, but I have not seen a broccoli/cauliflower blend there.

  2. Oh, how I love a good frittata! I love the idea of an Italian inspired frittata, what a good idea! Anytime I can add some extra veggies to meals is always a plus, too. I think the addition of the sun dried tomatoes sounds so good! I will definitely be making this!

      1. I think I’m officially in the middle of nowhere Arizona!! 🤣 two and a half hours away from the Phoenix airport. Unfortunately I can’t tell you which direction because I have no idea!

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