Vegan Cherry Walnut Steel Cut Oats (Instant Pot Recipe)

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Hey!  Happy Friday eve.  How are you today?  I felt much more in my groove yesterday than I did on Tuesday, and the little guy seems to be feeling better.  Thank goodness for that!

So today, I wanted to share a quick recipe with you all.  As I mentioned, I got an Instant Pot for Christmas and am just loving it!  It streamlined my meal prep so much on Monday and I am having such a good time trying out new recipes with it.

I love steel cut oats, but they can take a minute to make on the stove.  They turn out great in the crockpot, but I am not always great about prepping and setting it the night before.  I had a hankering for oats the other day and whipped up this batch of deliciousness in a jif!  It cooked for exactly 3 minutes, and from prep start to finish was ready in about 10 minutes.


Vegan Cherry Walnut Steel Cut Oats

Makes 2 servings


Directions: Add all ingredients to Instant Pot.  Set for manual cook, 3 minutes.  Allow Instant Pot to do its thing.  Serve, top and enjoy.

Are you in an oatmeal fan?  Steel cut or Old Fashioned?  I like both, but prefer the chewy texture of steel cut.

Hope you have a great day!


32 thoughts on “Vegan Cherry Walnut Steel Cut Oats (Instant Pot Recipe)

  1. I was really hoping for an instan-pot for Christmas… I didn’t happen (I’m not complaining, I got a Roomba instead). I’ll pin this for when I do get one 😉

  2. I got an instapot for christmas too – but it is still n a box!!! But I do love my oats and am happy to have found this recipe so that hopefully now that our kids are back to schoool tomorrow I can start looking at how to use it.

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