Pinterest things I might do one day (maybe)

Hey guys!  How are you today?  It has been a busy week over here so far and is just flying by.

Are you crafty?  I am not really, but I love the idea of one day becoming a master crafter (or even a decent hobby crafter).  I also love the idea that one day I will be a great decorator, but not there on that one yet either.  In the meantime, I love pursuing Pinterest and checking out projects or decor ideas that I hope to one day do.  I actually have a whole board devoted to DIY projects I will “maybe, someday” do.

Today I thought it would be fun to share some of my “one-day” projects I have found on Pinterest.  Perhaps it will help me get motivated to actually do them.  I’d love to hear about your Pinterest successes (or any fails to watch out for) as well.  Also, does anyone else out there have a board full of stuff they might “one day” do on Pinterest?

How cute is this DIY wine rack from Shanty-2-Chic.  I love it, and honestly, think I could handle this, but just haven’t ever gotten around to it.

I think this little pond in a pot is just the cutest idea, and every spring I think about making one.  But its been at least 4 years and counting and I have never even seriously looked at the materials for it.  (source:


One day, I would like to learn to crochet.  I hold onto this pin for that one day.  Tucson has a huge Day of the Dead parade, and this would be so perfect for it.  One day it will happen. (From:


Now,  while I am seriously behind in attempting a lot of my someday Pinterest projects, I am on top of trying out other Pinterest things.  I make lots of recipes from Pinterest, find great workouts there, and get plenty of style inspiration checking out pinned looks.

Are we friends yet on Pinterest?  Follow me here, I’d love to check out what you pin as well.  Are you a Pinterest person?  If so, what type of things do you pin?

Hope you have a great day!


43 thoughts on “Pinterest things I might do one day (maybe)

  1. I love that wine rack! So I didn’t really do this Pinterest project but I did help. Alex made me a bar cart for my birthday because I wanted one so badly. His brother unfortunately spoiled the surprise but it meant I could spend some time helping out. I think he made the plans himself but I got the idea of a barcart from Pinterest so it kind of counts lol.

    One thing I would love to do when I have a house is make a gallery wall along stairs. I have see so many awesome pins about them!

  2. Following you on Pinterest now (I’m shootingstarmag there too). I love Pinterest, but I do really need to try and use some of the things I pin. I actually joined a FB group called 52 Weeks of Pinterest. Granted, I won’t do one every week, but it’s fun motivation to actually try things out! These are all really cute – I love the little pond in a pot.


  3. I don’t have a DIY board, though it may be a good idea for my christmas present making! I use Pinterest for workouts, outfits and recipes too!

      1. That skull scarf I had featured specifically, but also in general how long does it normally take to make a scarf? One day I would love to learn to knit or crochet.

      2. I’ll have a look at the scarf and let you know. It really depends how intricate the pattern is, how long the repeat is, and how much time each week or day you have to work on it.
        Anyone can knit or crochet!!! I find it a good stress release and I like that I can be creative:)

      3. It does seem like it would be a good stress reliever, and you make such beautiful things!

  4. Started following you! 🙂 I love those ideas you’ve highlighted!! I have a few boards like this! Who am I kidding?! My Pinterest is full of “I might do someday”. <3

  5. Yes, I love Pinterest too! I am currently challenging myself to actually do one pin a week this year. It has been fun so far since I just started.

  6. I love how Pinterest makes us all feel like we could be craft magicians! I love the ones you have picked out, it’s inspired me to delve into my saved boards and give some a go!

  7. Adorable! I have absolutely no craftng skills and a desperate lack of patience. My projects always end up looking crazy! These look wonderful though.

  8. Oh my goodness, that pond in a pot is gorgeous! And I’m with you in that I love Ointerest but never seem to have the time to do the projects I love. (I also don’t have the skills but that’s a whole other thing 😂)

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