Quickie Lower Body Workout

Hola! How are you today? As I mentioned yesterday, it has been quite the busy week so far.  No complaints, sometimes busy is good, but I have not been able to make it to any of the workout classes I normally try to catch.  Instead, I have been squeezing in quick workouts where I can.

I love getting a nice, hour-long workout in, but sometimes all ya got is 10-20 minutes. This quick lower body workout is perfect for when you want to get some real work in, but are short on time. It is a do anywhere workout, that can also be paired with a cardio session (time permitting of course). While it focuses on the lower body, it will definitely work into the core and arms a bit as well.

Let me know if you give it a try.  Are you a fan of quick workouts? I used to be more all or nothing about workouts and would end up skipping the gym if I didn’t have as much time as I needed for the workout I wanted to do.  Nowadays, I am all about quick, do anywhere workouts, and really savor it when I have the time for a longer gym session.

See you tomorrow for some Friday Favorites!  Hope you have a great day!


22 thoughts on “Quickie Lower Body Workout

  1. This is a great idea! I’m feeling a little worn down from all that travel yesterday so I’m trying to honor that and not run…. however this workout sounds right up my alley! Going to do it today. Thanks!! Hope you’ve been well!

  2. I need to incorporate some quick workouts into my life! I am all or nothing as well and that’s not really working out for me right now.

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