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Hey friends!  How are you today?  I am on day three of my 40-day revolution and am enjoying taking the time for meditation each day.  The amount of mediation increases each week though, so we shall see how I am doing with it when it is larger chunks of time.  Today I thought I would share a day in the life post.  I always love these posts and it had been a while since I shared one, so here we go.  This is from Monday of this week.

4:00 am Pop out of bed. I was excited to start my 40-day revolution yoga practice, so I made sure to get up right on time.

4:05-4:30 Yoga and meditation. I’m not sure if it was because I had just gotten up, or all the sitting in the car the day before, but I woke up stiff! It was great to start the day with the stretching and quiet, meditation time. I felt a huge difference from how stiff I was at the beginning and how much better I felt at the end.

4:30-4:45 Coffee time, with the usual almond milk, collagen, and ashwagandha. I also took this 15 minutes or so to check in with the blog world and relax before really starting the day.

4:45-5:30. Hop in the shower and get ready for the day. I had washed my hair and laid out clothes the night before, so I was able to get ready pretty quickly. I try to get ready before the kids get up, especially on days I leave early to teach, so I can focus my attention on them when they get up.

5:30-6:00 Baby wake up and snuggle time, one of the best parts of the day. I also hung out with them while they started breakfast and then headed off to teach my class.

6:00-7:00 Had a great group for class today.  I love my group of early morning folks.  They have such a good energy and get me feeling pumped every time.

7:00 Headed to my office. One of the perks of being out and about early is pretty sunrises like this.

7:30 Had a quick breakfast at my desk while catching up on emails. Two savory breakfast muffins, a bunch of blueberries and some Whoppers someone left in the break room, breakfast of champs.

11:30-11:50 After a busy work morning, I decided it was time for lunch. I normally pack a fresh lunch, but had limited options and didn’t want to eat what I had planned for dinner for two meals in a row, so frozen meal to the rescue. This was pretty decent, though I think it would have been a lot better if I had been able to bake it rather than microwaving it.   It did not look especially lovely after being microwaved though, so box picture it is.

I am really bad about working through lunch but decided to kind of follow Maureen’s suggestion and do a little reading at lunch. I say kind of because I was studying for my upcoming group instructor exam, not reading for fun, but still a nice little break.

3:30-4:30 My personal city tour to pick up my kiddos and get home.  Traffic was mild and I got some good podcast time in on my way to pick up my little ones.

5:00 Dinner time! We had carnitas burrito bowls that came together in about 5 minutes because I had prepped the meat, rice and beans the night before. It was so nice to only have to make some quick guacamole (weeknight version = salsa and avocado) and chop some lettuce.

5:30-7:00 Baby hangout time! Baths and hanging out/unwinding before bed.

7:00-7:30 Quick at home workout using this little guy. My brother gave me a set of resistance bands not to long ago and I am loving them.  Also, jackets with thumb holes are the greatest!

7:30-8:30 Catch up with the hubs and unload the dishwasher

8:30-9:15 More study time/reading before bed, plus a five-minute meditation.

9:15 Sweet, sweet bedtime

Well there you have it, my Monday! This was a fairly normal Monday for me.  I like to end the day with a show or some fun reading, but am trying to study when I can right now.

What’s a typical day like for you? When do you normally get up during the week? 4:00-4:30 is pretty typical for me during the week so I try to get to bed by 9:00ish.

Hope you have a great day!


34 thoughts on “A day in the life…..

  1. 4am! You are awesome. I used to get up at 4:25 a few times a week when my work schedule was different, and I was always so miserable, so I definitely give you props.
    Also major props for teaching a class before you even go to work! You make me feel lazy! Haha

    1. I have always been more of a morning person, at night is when I struggle to do stuff, past 5pm it is hard for me to get motivated to do much of anything.

    1. The hubs made this, so I’m not sure everything that went into it. It was a pork loin with garlic, cumin, salt, pepper and lime juice (maybe other stuff?) that cooked in the crockpot all day.

    1. 5:15 is pretty early as well. I didn’t start with 4, it just gradually happened over the last few years, hopefully that never gets earlier lol.

    1. It really is nice to know you have dinner ready to go after a busy day. Maybe start by planning a couple meals a week in advance and see how you like it?

  2. It sounds like we have pretty similar routines. I’m up at 4:15 so I can get to my 5:00 gym class on time. Then to work where I eat breakfast while watching the sunrise. Definitely a perk 🙂 These “day in the life” posts are so fun to read!

    1. Yeah early birds!! I always prefer working out in the morning as well, and it is so nice to catch a pretty sunrise!

  3. I love a day in the life post!! Maybe because I’m a bit nosy? Hahah. I don’t meet many that get up early than nurses, but you have us topped!! 4:00 ?! Wowza. You go, girl! You are busy busy but I bet it feels so good when your head hits the pillow after a very productive day. Oh, and that trader joes dish looks ah-may-zing. I need to hunt it down! Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. I love them too, it’s fun to take a peek into someone’s day. Checking everything off a to-do list always makes my day lol. Hope you have a good one!

  4. 4 is early!!! I’m a morning person, but not that early, haha! I’d say 5:45-6 or so is my most natural wakeup time, although being very pregnant at the moment I’ve lately been sleepily getting up at 7 a.m. My husband now has to set his own alarm because for the first time he can’t count on me to wake him up early–he never had an alarm before, lol!

    1. Lol, I didn’t start with 4, it just kind of happened over the last few years. Glad you are getting some good sleep. I got my best sleep while pregnant, with the exception of the last few weeks.

    1. On the weekends it is a lot less structured, but during the week I need my schedule. Hope you have a great day Candy!

  5. I love that you are keeping the focus on things that feed you, so you can feed everyone else! My exercise right now consists of taking my wii fitness test daily. Only about 10 minutes, but I have myself a gold star for it! Literally in my planner. Hoping to start to practice general Yoga in February as I know it will invigorate me for the day. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am a big believer that you need to take care of yourself to be able to take care of others. That is great that you have a 10 min routine going now and good luck with the yoga!

  6. Wow! You are a busy lady! It’s fun reading about a day in the life of someone else. I too am an early bird but mainly due to menopause insomnia…lol =)

    1. Some days it’s more of a drag out of bed lol. But I think it’s mainly routine, I’m just used to getting up that early.

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