Weekend Recap + winner winner (vegan dinner)

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Hey guys! How was your weekend? I hope it was a great one!  Before we jump into the weekend recap, I wanted to announce the cookbook giveaway winner…

Kaitlyn H.

Congrats Kaitlyn,  I will be emailing you to get the address to send your prize.  Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway.  I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to visit with me and hope to be able to bring lots more fun things your way in the future.

Now onto the weekend.

Our weekend started with a lovely al fresco family dinner. After picking up the kids from school, I braved swinging by the grocery store with a 2 & 3-year-old, it was an adventure, but we made it through with all the ingredients for dinner plus some essentials. When we got home, I made a quick turkey bolognese, that we enjoyed with noodles and zucchini. It was a beautiful evening, so we ate outside and took a little time to unwind.  While I am scared of how hot it’s going to be this summer, since it is already pretty warm, I have been enjoying the balmy weather we have been having here recently.

Saturday morning, the hubs let me sleep in a little bit (it was glorious). Then after some toast and hang out time with the babies I was off to Orangetheory. It was a great class and my heart monitor worked pretty well for the most part. I was pretty excited about that since I have had some issues with it recently (apparently this is a me issue, because I was having trouble with a loaner monitor as well).

Most of Saturday was spent doing chores and hanging with the babies. They both “helped” me clean and organize their rooms, which was sweet, even if it took a while. I had my 40 Days to Personal Revolution meeting in the afternoon and it was an awesome meeting. We spent a lot of time really focusing on form in a couple of yoga poses and I feel like I learned a lot.

I capped off the evening with a little me time after the kids went to bed. I took a bath and busted out this face mask, which left my skin soft and literally smelling like roses.

Sunday morning started with another Orangetheory class (my poor quads, walking down stairs is painful right now), followed by iced coffee.

The morning was a bit of a rush because my little dude had a performance that we were trying to get to on time. He is in a preschool basketball class and they were putting on a performance during halftime at a college game. It was the cutest thing ever and he had so much fun performing with his friends. I went total super paparazzi mom and filmed and snapped pictures the whole time.  I was so proud of my little guy. Also, their little basketballs are so cute!

Our plan was to come home for naps and then to my in-laws for the Super Bowl. I had a few projects I really needed to get done though. So the hubs and kids went to watch the game while I stayed home and worked.  I did send over the peanut butter brownies I made for the occasion, but not before cutting a piece for myself.

How was your weekend?  Did you watch the Super Bowl?  I was bummed to miss it, I always enjoy the game time foods and the visiting (the game and commercials are pretty fun too), but sometimes adulting is necessary.

Hope you have a great day!



22 thoughts on “Weekend Recap + winner winner (vegan dinner)

  1. Great week-end – but very warm – as it’s summer here in Australia. Heard about the Superbowl – we never used to hear much about America – but now we do a lot. I don’t know if they know much about our football though 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Omg, those brownies look amazing. I was home last night with my family – they were watching the Super Bowl. I paid attention here and there, but mostly read and got some blog stuff finished.


    1. Sounds like a nice Sunday! Thanks, they are just doctored up boxed brownie mix, I was happy with how they turned out.

  3. I need that face mask- my skin has been all out of sorts.
    Your brownies looked so good-sorry you missed the game… but glad you got some stuff done. JT was awesome!

    1. The hubs was sending me updates and it sounded like a good one. I will have to watch the JT performance. Hope you have a great day Julie!

    1. Thanks Erinn! I actually just used a regular box mix. I thinned some peanut butter with a little water and drizzled it on top, then added a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips.

    1. I feel that being able to see my heart rate and use it as a means of measuring how hard I am working motivates me. Also, the coaches at my studio seem to have great taste in music, which is a huge win in my book.

  4. Looks like a busy weekend! Those brownies look incredible… and now I’m craving chocolate at 7:30 in the morning. HA! I did not watch the super bowl this year either. To be honest, I don’t care much about the game, but I DO love to see the creative/funny commercials and the halftime show 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! We stayed home for the most part and did things around the house but got together with a few friends for the Superbowl. I think I’ll go make some brownies =)

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